Removing DVD drive ffro Mesh PC

  ddma 19:29 15 Nov 2003

Does anyone know the technique of how to remove my DVD drive from the tower case of my 1 year old Mesh PC. There doesn't seem to be any screws to undo so I am a bit lost!! I want to exchange it for a DVD writer.

  Proxy Worm 19:47 15 Nov 2003

There has to be screw- Push it towards the front panel of the computer then that might reveal something. Phone mesh up and ask them to tell you where they put there screw! Lol

  ©®@$? 19:56 15 Nov 2003

it may not be screwed in as i have a case which uses sliders that clip into the removable drives and slide into a groove in the case

when you take the side off the case you should see where the drive is fixed to, there should be some screws noticable at the side of the drive holding the drive into the case, if you cannot see them.then it amy be possible you have a similar case to me,removing the front of the case off on mine reveals the clips that hold my drives in and you can squeeze the clips and slide the drive out from the case..make sure you have the wires dissconnected before you do this, i am only going by my case and that you havn't got any screws, so your setup may be slightly different

  ddma 17:51 17 Nov 2003

Thanks for all help. my 12 year old son figured out how to do it!!! Darren

  Jester2K II 17:57 17 Nov 2003

Reminds me of the quote by Groucho Marx

"A child of five could understand this. Fetch me a child of five."

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