Removing a desktop connected to a router

  Sapins 14:52 03 Jul 2012

This is my present set-up.

Desktop running Windows 7 Home Edition and connected by ethernet cable to a Netgear DG834G v2.

Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows XP media edition and connected wirelessly and an iMac connected wirelessly.

I did not realise until yesterday that even if I shutdown the desktop I can still connect the laptop and Mac wirelessly. I now want to stop using the present desktop and connect a new desktop with an Epson printer which my wife will use on the other side of the room. I will use the present desktop monitor on this new system. Is it easy to set this up?

Also I want to remove Windows 7 from the old desktop and install it on the new desktop, will I have to contact Microsoft to do thie?

  difarn 15:49 03 Jul 2012

Have I got this right. You are simply replacing your present desktop with another one but will use the monitor attached to the old one? This is straightforward. You disconnect the ethernet cable and the monitor connected to the old desktop and use them for the new one.

You will of course require an operating system before you can use the new desktop and there shouldn't be a problem. You are allowed to reinstall it providing it is only on one machine at a time. You will use the same product key as before - Microsoft would probably only insist that it is reactivated if you try to reinstall it an excessive amount of times. Do you actually have the Windows 7 Disc? When you install it you will need to make sure that it has the relevant updates.

You will need to load the operating system - you may find this usefulenter link description here

Do not put the ethernet cable in until you have loaded the operating system. You will need to set up your internet connection:-

Click Start and select Control Panel
Select "Network and Internet"
Select "Network and Sharing Center"
Choose "Change Adaptor Settings" from the left-hand menu
Right click on the "Local Area Connection" icon and select "Properties"
The Properties window should display a ticked item - Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP). Highlight this option and select "Properties"
Ensure the following are both checked:
    Obtain an IP address automatically
    Obtain DNS server address automatically
Select OK then OK again.
Open browser.
  Sapins 16:28 03 Jul 2012

Hi difarn,

What I want to do is leave the ethernet cable connected to the present desktop and set up the new desktop wirelessly, as apparantly the wireless connections work with the present desktop turned off! I can then use the present monitor on the new desktop and connect the new desktop wirelessly as the laptop and iMac are at present. It's too far away to reach with the ethernet cable. If this won't work, but I thinkl it should, could I simply plug the ethernet cable into the Mac?

I do have the Windows 7 disc.

  difarn 17:17 03 Jul 2012

You don't need any other pc's switched on for the other pc's to get a wireless signal as it comes from the router.

Provided your new desktop has a wireless capability then there is no problem. I assumed the because you were taking the os off the old desktop that you were no longer going to use it and therefore unhook it from everything. You should have no problem plugging your iMac into the router with an ethernet cable. Your router may have more than one ports for ethernet cables. You can also of course still leave the iMac wireless to give it more portability.

I would say that you are likely to receive a better broadband speed if your desktop is attached by ethernet cable. You could get a longer cable or you could consider buying a Home Plug that plugs into a normal socket and gives you the ability to attach any pc via ethernet. These can be used around the house should you need them. Just another option.

When you remove Windows 7 from your "old" desktop do you plan on using that for anything - rather than it being redundant you could try one of the free Linux operating systems.

  Sapins 20:09 03 Jul 2012

Thanks for your help, much appreciated. I might try a Linux OS sometime later, I'm just getting to grips with the Mac!

Thanks again,



  difarn 21:32 03 Jul 2012

Glad to help - enjoy the Mac.

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