Removing CoolWebSearch (CWS) ?

  Indigo 1 21:44 11 Feb 2005

I have used Spysweeper free scan click here and it turned up some Adware that Spybot S&D and AdAware SE both missed namely Coolwebsearch (CWS), SideSearch and Startpage.

I have searched my PC for these items but the search comes back negative...... what am I missing here and how do I delete them.

  jono366 21:46 11 Feb 2005

Go to google and type in coolwebsearch........ there is lost listed there to tell you how to remove it.

  stalion 21:47 11 Feb 2005
  Jackcoms 21:48 11 Feb 2005
  Indigo 1 22:46 11 Feb 2005

I have just downloaded, installed, updated and run XoftSpy, NoAdware,PAL Spyware Remover, SpySubtract and Coolwebshredder. All of which cannot find Coolwebsearch on my PC.

What have I missed ?

  stalion 22:49 11 Feb 2005

so have you tried my suggestion?

  Indigo 1 22:51 11 Feb 2005

I have tried your suggestion but it was not found on my PC.

I have also run Hijackthis and again nothing.

I know I am missing something but what is it ?

  Dan the Confused 23:10 11 Feb 2005

It's a good idea to check this site before downloading anti-spyware software click here

Have you tried Jackcoms' link (CWShredder)? Run it along with Ad-aware in safe mode (tap F8 before Windows loads and select from menu that appears). Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't...

  SANTOS7 23:23 11 Feb 2005

click here in the link you will find auto remove and manual remove of the variants of CWS the next piece of advice would be to uninstall NoAdware it does not have any practical use on any pc but to hinder your problems,good luck.........

  gudgulf 23:46 11 Feb 2005

Do you also use SpywareBlaster and/or the immunise function of SpybotS&D because if you do many adware/spyware scanners pick up the killbot entries used by these two programs in the registry to prevent the malware from installing in the first place.The clue to this is if the detected spyware is only listed in the registry by the scanner that finds them.

If you can't find any files or flders associated with the spyware found then a false positive result is the likely answer.These are often used to persuade you to part with your cash....see Dan the Confused's link.

  Indigo 1 11:48 12 Feb 2005

Hello Gudgulf, yes I do use Spywareblaster and the immunize option of SpyBotS&D and I think you might be right, only one scanner revealed these nasties,see my first post.

That was the reason for trying all them other products which did no good and have now been deleted.


Have not run CWShredder in safe mode yet along side Ad-Aware that will be next, if I can figure out what you mean by 'along-side'. Do you mean to run them both at the same time or one at a time while in safe mode ? (I do know how to boot into safe mode it's just the 'along-side' I'm have trouble with.)

also to SANTOS7, that's a very useful site with lot's of excellent info, I wish I had seen it before, many thanks.

I have also followed the instructions to remove it manually but could not locate their files using the instructions from that site click here so I have to assume that it was a false positive and a wild goose chase.

The only thing I have tried but not resolved fully is Hijackthis as I cannot possibly know what the log is indicating or wether it is a nastie or not, anyone help me with this ?

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