Removing Carragie returns in Word

  robert21 21:41 22 Jan 2004

Is it possible to autmate the removal of hard returns placed at the end of each line when pasting text from Web pages or mail into Word? I can remember a macro from some time ago but can't find it.

  Chris the Ancient 21:53 22 Jan 2004

The macro that you need is as follows...

Sub FixLines()

Dim dowhat

dowhat = 1

If WordBasic.SelType() = 2 Then

dowhat = 0

End If

WordBasic.editreplace Find:="^p",

Replace:="@@@", Direction:=0, ReplaceAll:=1,


WordBasic.editreplace Find:="@@@@@@",

Replace:="^p^p", Direction:=0, ReplaceAll:=1,


WordBasic.editreplace Find:="@@@", Replace:=" ",

Direction:=0, ReplaceAll:=1, Wrap:=dowhat

With Selection
.HomeKey unit:=wdStory
.Range.Case = wdUpperCase
.Range.Case = wdTitleSentence
.HomeKey unit:=wdStory

End With

End Sub

  Chris the Ancient 21:53 22 Jan 2004

New line between the last end with and end sub

  Eric10 21:54 22 Jan 2004

Can't you just use 'Edit, Replace' and replace the paragraph mark with a space. In the 'Replace' dialogue box click the 'More' button and you will find 'Paragraph Mark' and much more by clicking the 'Special' button.

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