Removing biro mark from LCD monitor

  Creditman 21:24 05 Jun 2005

What's the best way to do this ? Thanks

  sinbad1 21:29 05 Jun 2005

ethanoic acid (vinegar)

  Joe R 21:34 05 Jun 2005

I would suggest using a cotton bud, and IPA, (iso propyl alcohol) if available, and be very gentle with the cotton bud.

  sinbad1 21:52 05 Jun 2005

another easy available product eucalyptus oil
as joe r says use a cotton bud when removed use
a LCD screen wipe to remove oil.

  Mikè 22:17 05 Jun 2005

A lot of ballpoint ink is water soluble.

  sinbad1 22:18 05 Jun 2005

Joe R

suprised you sugested iso propyl alchol
(Prpan2ol) not easily available and quite dangerous.

  spuds 22:58 05 Jun 2005

If you have problems with removing stains etc, then check this site out, they have a vast amount of answers click here

  wiz-king 05:10 06 Jun 2005

Its not dangerous unless you drink a lot of it, it is used as a slovent in a lot of food flavours. Also it is sold as tape head cleaner or disk drive cleaner.

  sinbad1 07:39 06 Jun 2005


one doesn't have to drink it for it to be dangerous,recomendations for this substance in it pure form, are to wear gloves and eye protectionclick here

  ardvarc 07:56 06 Jun 2005

I bought isopropyl alcohol at my local chemist. They had to send off for it and it cost just over £5 for 500ml, the smallest amount they could get. Yes I was warned about how to use and store it and it is a great multi task fluid. hic ;-))

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