Removing Arctic Silver

  Diver14 12:02 31 Mar 2004

I’ve just changed processors (XP2200 to XP3000) and whilst trying to remove the thermal paste from the old XP2200 have made a good job of spreading it all over the place. Does anyone know a safe cleaner to use to remove all traces from the processor? I understand Arctic Silver is very conductive and don’t want to short out anything on top of the processor. Having said that the whole top of the processor looks lacquered so I may be worrying over nothing.

As always, thanks for any help you can provide.

Nail Varnish Remove i use and a bit of kitchen towel or anything that is similarly based.

  edstowe 12:37 31 Mar 2004

Wipe off as much as you can with a soft non-scratch cloth then clean with lighter fuel (Ronsonol or similar - the stuff you fill petrol cigarette lighters with) or isopropyl alcohol ( isopropanol from a pharmacy or Maplins click here ). Don't use nail varnish remover, despite what people may suggest, nor purple meths.


  Diver14 11:33 01 Apr 2004

I think I'll go with the isopropyl alcohol as the soft option - the nail varnish remover could affect the lacquer.

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