Remove/disassemble stand of LG Led Monitor

  Pixma4 16:30 26 Nov 2016

I have to remove the stand of my LG monitor (22M47VQ). I have removed the base but not getting any screw between the monitor and stand. Please somebody tell me how to remove the stand ???

  S. Jeferson 16:55 26 Nov 2016

Actually there is no screw between the monitor and the stand rather it is locked. U just have to unlock it. Find the knob located inside a little window at the point of their attachment. Push the knob slightly inside and the stand will come out easily. You may ~~Watch this~~ for a clear understanding.

  csqwared 16:56 26 Nov 2016

You need to be patient and allow people time to read and respond before posting again.

Look here:-

LG manual

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