removed cpu. now 2nd hd not recognised?

  second best 18:02 30 Oct 2003

hi, i have just added a huge dollop of thermal compound to my cpu and restarted and xp detected a new hdd, which was already there. now it's telling me i need to format it. what has happened please?

  Rayuk 18:14 30 Oct 2003

1 you shouldnt use a huge dollop of compound,it is only to fill in microscopic voids,I would redo it and see what happens.

  Forum Editor 18:15 30 Oct 2003

is precisely what your CPU does NOT need.

You don't say which CPU you have, but if it's an Athlon all that's necessary is a very thin layer of thermal compound between the CPU die and the heatsink - adding too much will decrease the effect, not increase it.

My advice is that you start again, and do it as soon as possible. Carefully remove all traces of the compound and then apply a very thin layer to the area of the heatsink that covers the processor die. Newer Athlon processors come complete with a handy little plastic template and scraper that allow you to apply the exact amount to the correct area.

When you've finished, restart the machine and see what happens.

  second best 18:28 30 Oct 2003

thanks for the quick relpies guys. trouble is, and this has been going on for nearly 3 years now, my comp always used to lock up, i mean all the time, and i've formatted over 20 times in this time to try and fix the problem.. after all this, it was woodchip who mentioned the temp and that i should check it but i wasnt convinced. anyway, to cut a long story short, 3 yrs later, i have dis-assembled my comp, taking all the sides off and moving the psu well away from the cpu and my temp can sit steady at around 47 degrees without load and it is stable, no lock ups or freezez. touch wood. now with the machine assembled, it would sit at around 60+ and then rise more in use. anyway. the point is, it seem sto be fine now, still a litle high, but it's staedy. the added comp has made no difference to the temp, so is not a concern at this point. the main problem here was the hdd and why it is no longer recognised.

  second best 18:32 30 Oct 2003

i must add, ,that a nearby shot has looked at this prob and could find no prob. i watched him apply a small very thin thc strip and the temp was till at 47 or so, so the added thc i have just used has made little or no difference anyway.

  Forum Editor 18:38 30 Oct 2003

any one of a dozen causes. Temperature isn't usually one of them - high CPU temperature will result in sluggish and erratic performance, or a complete failure of the system.

USB problems are often at the bottom of lock ups, and so are incorrect or faulty device drivers, or a lack of system resources.

If this problem has been with you for three years there is something fundamentally wrong - either with your hardware, or with the operating system or both, and you've proved that formatting the C: drive doesn't help. Perhaps we'll get a clue if you post back with details of your hardware and software setup, plus which version of Windows you're using.

  Forum Editor 18:40 30 Oct 2003

I've just noticed that you have told us you're using Windows XP. Provide the other information and maybe someone can come up with an idea. Can you post the exact wording of the Windows message about formatting the drive? How old is the drive by the way?

  second best 19:44 30 Oct 2003

ok, i am using different drives, well not completely, i still have the original nikimi, and now a seagate also, it is the seagate that needs to be formatted. the comp used to lock up directly after the os had been installed. i have tried 4 diff os's and different copies of each aswell, the ram has been changed. the cpu has been removed and checked. i heard that 1 in 50 amd have a temp problem. incidentaly i have a 1.1 amd tbird. resources are fine, and like i say, since i have steadied the temp to around 47 it has been fine, and this is for about 3 months or so. before this it would lock everyday. i appreciate you concern. but i have threads in this forum going back to early 2001 with the lock up query, and the only thing that has seemd to work is the reduction in the temp. could be a coincidence, but at the minute it's opening old wounds.

  dfghjkl 21:02 30 Oct 2003

probably a long shot but i have just cured several months of lock up, freezing and "graphics"problems all due to a psu on its way out,i must have swapped and changed everything several times reformatted xp about a dozen times,the psu must have been a bit intermittent.but it affects so many things if it is underpowered or on its way is wrong to think that just because it starts up then it is ok.

  second best 02:29 31 Oct 2003 not sure if you read my thread, but had this prob for nearly 3 yrs, so if anyhting at all was on it's way out then i guess it would have gone already dont you think.? got to be temp related.

  second best 14:54 03 Nov 2003

hi, i had disconnected the hdd completely and then re-connected it and started up. the drive was then recognised once more, but after a few moments, or minutes, i had a message in taskbar telling me new hdd fond, but needs to be formatted. i disconnected again, and re-connected and it came up as 11234 gig or something, but split in three ways. so, i disconnected again and reconected and it came up fine again. this was the last thing i done last night, then i turned it off. i have started up this morning and it is teling me again that the dive needs to be formatted. omg, what can be wrong. anyone, please.

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