Removed 1TB from pc and still have OS

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 08:21 31 Dec 2016

Soo i bought 2TB WD black and it says Performance HDD. i got an WD blue that says Desktop HDD. i removed my 1TB HDD. and istalled my 2TB HDD and i knew i could have OS on this WD Black. but i started my pc and still have os even my 1TB HDD is removed. and my pc dosent detect my 2TB soo.

If someone could help me with this would be really nice.

  Bazzaman 09:19 31 Dec 2016

Is it possible that the PC came with an SSD (in addition to the HDD) with the OS installed on the SSD?

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 09:24 31 Dec 2016

ya it might be possible bcs i think this pictures shows it off. click here its weird that my 2tb isnt showing up to. i think its reøated to my os drive.


  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 09:31 31 Dec 2016

realeted to my os drive*

  [DELETED] 09:32 31 Dec 2016

I don't know your OS but open the equivalent of This PC and it should show your M2 SSD as C drive and the optical drive if you have one. As for the new drive it most probably needs initialising and formatting. Have a look at this information, click here.

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 09:42 31 Dec 2016

ok thx ill install my 2tb and try what u said. is it possible to run os and my 2tb togheter instead of partition/split my hdd/ssd ??

  [DELETED] 10:23 31 Dec 2016

What does it show in This PC?

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 10:29 31 Dec 2016

i did the diskpart thing and that helped a lot but the OS is gonna get moved to my 1TB 2.5 drive soo i can just remove it and install my other HDD and use my disk to get OS installed right ?

  alanrwood 10:35 31 Dec 2016

Why on earth would you want to move your operating system from an SSD to a normal Hard Drive. The whole idea of an SSD is that the SSD being around 10 times faster than the HDD will improve the speed of your PC considerably. Have I misunderstood what you are intending to do. If not then leave the OS on the SSD.

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 10:39 31 Dec 2016

ya but its only 98 GB left and those numbers will go fast down since like save games etc goes in there i have a backup of the documents that is 30GB soo ya those numbers of my OS SSD/HDD idk if its on an HDD or SSD to be honest with you. i always run out of storage on my C drive xD

  [DELETED] 11:10 31 Dec 2016

If you use Steam then have a look here, enter link description here .

I won't go in to moving users folders to another drive, will let others show how, but you could create a download2 folder on the 1TB drive and direct your browsers to download there. To install a downloaded game create another folder and point to it to install. It then installs on the 1TB drive, not the SSD, and the shortcut will be on your desktop. This is a manual way of doing it but you can change the location of users folders although not sure if you could get complications with later upgrades of the OS.

I would start another thread abut moving users folders and see what replies you get.

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