removeable hard drive

  john1000 22:46 26 Jun 2004

if you are running 98 second edition and right click your hard drive properties you have an option to make it removeable or not how do you make a hard drive removable in xp

  hugh-265156 00:56 27 Jun 2004

do you have an external drive? right click it and select 'safely remove hardware' maybe

  john1000 08:16 27 Jun 2004

that option is no there under propewrties there is nothing there as with 98 you just tick the box to make your drive removable

  john1000 08:55 27 Jun 2004

i have been reading some posts of this subject from a previous time and i understand if you add a device eg external modem it is automatic to get added under the safley remove hardware but what i dont understand if you add a second hard drive weather its external or internal it is still connected to the slave on your ide ribbon so windows will not detect it automaticly so how would you manually do it.

  hugh-265156 23:37 27 Jun 2004

hi john1000, im not exactly sure what you are asking here so my apologies if my answer is not much help to you.

to remove an internal slave drive just turn off the computer and disconnect the drive from the ide cable and power supply inside your case. next time you restart windows the drive will no longer be shown.

if its a usb external drive it will not be connected via the ide cable but via a usb lead just like a mouse or keyboard and you just remove it by selecting 'safely remove hardware' and then unplug it.

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