remove windows 98

  1973scotty 10:40 09 Jan 2004

hi can any one please tell me hoe to remove windows 98 so i can install amother operating systems please

  Lozzy 10:51 09 Jan 2004

What OS are you wanting to Install?? If XP insert the XP CD then re boot and when prompted "Press any Key to Boot from CD" then follow the wizard and it will re format HDD and auto install XP.

  1973scotty 11:10 09 Jan 2004

hi i have installed windows 98 but i am geeting windows 98 can ot find files so i want to remove windows 98 from the spare system. i cannot rember the exact file which are missing and i have onbly 1 monitor so i can ot find out what the files are missing straght away so that is why i want remove and reinstll windows 98

  Diemmess 11:29 09 Jan 2004

If you mean you are having trouble with a spare computer and need to correct a badly damaged Windows 98, then it looks like you will have to clean everything off the drive (Format) and install from scratch.

This is something that is straight forward, but needs planning first......... There is plenty of help available here if you confirm that this is what you want to do.

  Terrahawk 11:31 09 Jan 2004

to remove win 98 you need a boot floppy if you dont have one click here insert a floppy then double click the file you downloaded

set your floppy drive to first bootable device in the bios insert boot disk boot machine
at the a prompt type format then leave a space then type C:\ so should look like this

A:\format c:\ then hit enter you will get a warning formating will erase all data would you like to continue y will format

Warning Before formating make sure you have all disks o/s drivers progs required etc make sure you Back up any thing you want docs etc before formating

  1973scotty 11:57 09 Jan 2004

yeah that is what i want to know how to do to format my hard drive and remove windows 98 can any one help

  JoJoh 18:35 09 Jan 2004

If windows boots, there is one option that may help to find lost files in the operating system. Go to your start button and then to "run". Type in the following " SFC" (no inverted coma's) then
click on ok. This will find files that have been altered,corrupt etc.

I am no expert but this once helped me.

  [email protected]@m 19:54 09 Jan 2004

I can help.

  weeby vuit 20:41 09 Jan 2004

[email protected]@m is an inspiration! Solved my problem of removing 98. Mindst, computer doesn't work now.

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