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  kimtrnc 04:23 22 Jul 2010

OK - I've had it with Win 7. Today it decided that the OS is not valid. This was preinstalled by manufacturer with what I was assured was a genuine copy of Windows 7. There was no actual disk. This has been working well (it ins own inimitable Win 7 way) for approximately 9 months.
Yesterday m/c decided it was not genuine, and now spends all its time warning me, demanding a further £139 for a "Genuine" win 7 disk, and wiping off my nice desktop background!!
I don't like the Win 7 much anyway, and as I have a 100% genuine XP disk, I plan to go back to that - what snags might there be? And can I still get SP3 from MS for free, please?

  rdave13 06:51 22 Jul 2010

You can still get SP3. If the PC came with preinstalled W7 then I assume your mobo disk will have drivers for W7. You will have to search for XP drivers.
Why not give Microsoft a call stating your problem first? click here

  PP321 08:05 22 Jul 2010

You didnt say where and when you got the computer, if it was from a high street retailer then of course the OS will be genuine, and very few provide disks with machines nowadays, rather opting for a restore partition which is activated by a keypress during startup. So youve either done somethign wrong, or you have a virus, or you bought the computer from a freind or non big name high street retailler.

I cant offer any advice on going back to XP as i think anyone who wants to downgrade to XP needs thier head read. I dont see the advantage of moving down to an outdated and vunrable OS.

  Andsome 08:18 22 Jul 2010

This is one of the penalties of buying computers from sources which do not supply a full installation disc. Why should the customer have to mess about finding hidden folders etc to put things right. I always buy from a local computer shop, and have installed exactly what I want with no extra trials for this and that etc. I always ask to be supplied with a full installation disc. As far as I am concerned Windows 7 is the best and most stable operating system to date. Take the computer back to where you had it from.

  kimtrnc 08:33 22 Jul 2010

Unfortunately, I bought through ebay, and I live in Cyprus. No possibility of returning machine, and incurring very large delivery costs ,particularly after all this time

  mgmcc 11:23 22 Jul 2010

The problem of the machine suddenly indicating that Windows isn't genuine could be due to a corrupt entry in the registry. Have you tried running System Restore, which would put the registry entries back to an earlier time?

  kimtrnc 11:50 22 Jul 2010

That is a VERY good idea - I will try that and let you know. thanks

  rdave13 15:30 22 Jul 2010

Here's the Cyprus contact details for Microsoft; click here
Alarm bells are ringing for me as you bought the PC from ebay. System restore might work for a while but you will get the same problem again at a later date if the OS isn't genuine, I think.

  kimtrnc 17:40 22 Jul 2010

rdave - thanks for that. Unfortunately, I live in the Northern part of Cyprus, a separate country. Yes, I agree about recurring problem, but I am 90% sure that the originsl set up - no actual disk - was genuine. System restore, suggested bymgmcc, didn't doo anything.

I have decided to format (after a suitable backup!)and go back to XP. Yes, I have an all-dancing, all singing, irrefutable copy of XP, which I purchaed a log time ago, with serials, part number, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.
Thanks everyone for your help

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