Remove Vista & Install XP, How?

  User-324448 13:02 20 Aug 2008

I really have tried to like Vista for over a year, but now I want to remove it from my desk top machine and Laptop and install XP office Pro.
Could anyone point me in the direction of written instructions to do this or tell me how in as much detail as possible (no, Im not thick just old) and allow me to print it out.
Also I have a remote hard drive, (USB & mains via a transformer,) I used to store photos on, could I install XP onto that and use it as my operating system on desk & laptops ? if so, how do I go about it.

  DieSse 13:10 20 Aug 2008

Firstly - check that your Vista systems have all the drivers (Motherboard, Graphice, etc) for XP.

Secondly - buy your two copies of XP Pro - note - Office has nothing to do with the OS.

Thirdly - save all you work and downloaded programs.

Fourthly - download all the appropriate drivers

Fifthly - boot up with your XP Cds reformat and install XP.

Sixthly - Install drivers, software and data.

Notes -

You can't boot XP from external drives.

It'll be cheaper to get XP Home, and you won't be missing anything of note.

Check with your system suppliers if they offer a low cost XP option for this circumstance.

  pk46 13:13 20 Aug 2008

No you can't boot your computer OS from a USB remote HD.
If you have a full version of XP PRO just put the XP Pro disk in and install it will ask you do you want a quick format or full format choose full.
There could be a problem if your computers came with Vista you might find there are no MOBO drivers for WXP ON YOUR mobo DISK in that case your computer will not work.

  User-324448 13:17 20 Aug 2008

So DieSse are you saying that I can install XP without having to remove Vista as the XP will over ride it and in effect rub it out? 2nd how do I check that the drivers in Vista will run in XP & by the way thanks for the rapid response. Prof

  DieSse 13:22 20 Aug 2008

No - you have to reformat from the XP CD before you install XP - see Fifthly.

The Vista drivers may well not be the right ones for XP - that's why you have to check that XP drivers exist before you start - see Firstly.

Other Notes

If you need to know motherboard/Graphics/etc model numbers before looking for drivers - try PCWizard2008

click here

This will tell you all about your system before you start.

  pk46 13:24 20 Aug 2008

The WXP set up will remove Vista if you choose full format NOT QUICK FORMAT.
If you have the MOBO disk right click the disk and choose explore that will show what is on the disk if there is no WXP showing then it won't be possible to install WXP.

  DieSse 13:26 20 Aug 2008

Another Note

If you need to install Office, try the free OpenOffice. Both Excellent and compatible with MS Office in large part.

click here

  DieSse 13:28 20 Aug 2008

"The WXP set up will remove Vista if you choose full format NOT QUICK FORMAT."

Quick Format is just as good as full format for your purposes.

  User-324448 14:54 20 Aug 2008

I think I now have a good understanding of how to get the job done but earlier I said that I wasnt thick just old, I am begining to doubt the first part , I dont know what a MOBO disc is.I feel I am in for an interesting time. Thank you both for your help.Prof

Completly of topic weve just been into Llandridod Wells to top up our groceries and got very very wet, its bucketing down here in Wales

  DieSse 15:08 20 Aug 2008

MOBO = Motherboard.

This is referring to a CD you may have which has the drivers on for you system motherboard. If you look for them directly on the motherboard manufacturers site, you won't need this CD - and what's more may have more up-to-date drivers.

Use the PCWizard2008 software to identify the exact Motherboard you have - then look on the manufacturers site - or come back for help.

It's hot dry and sunny here in Almeria in Spain - as ever!

  SteveWH 15:09 20 Aug 2008

MOBO = Motherboard disc should have drivers for your system

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