Remove unwanted partition

  tomdee 07:11 23 Feb 2006

Hi, I,ve got an acer laptop with a 40g hard drivr. Unfortunately its partitioned into 2 x 20 gig. How can I make it into a single 40 gig drive.
Thanks in advance for help.

  dms05 07:57 23 Feb 2006

Why? Changing partitions is potentially hazardous and 'don't fix it if it aint broke' seems sensible.

  rawprawn 08:13 23 Feb 2006

You really need a program such as Acronis Partition Manager. If you do it through Admin/Disc Management you are likely to end up with a chunk of unallocated space.

  Damn Machine 09:57 23 Feb 2006

Paragon Partition Magic

click here

.... offers a free trial. I've only ever used Powerquest's version, but if Paragon is similar it's fairly straight forward. BUT, you will have to lose/empty the partition that doesn't hold the operating system.

DMS05 - the problem with partitions of relatively small sizes is that because the free space is distributed across two drives the amount of space available for defragging each drive can be insufficient. A total of 5 gig maybe enough to defrag, but when it's split into 2 x 2.5 it's too small.

  vinnyT 10:45 23 Feb 2006

Acronis Partition Manager, as mentioned above, is available on the cover of another mag (saw it in the local s/market this morning. Bear in mind that this will not be the latest version, but it will do what you want.

  Diemmess 10:53 23 Feb 2006

As dms05 said.

A spot of reorganisation may give you more space on C: and keep ALL precious data on D:

It won't be all that a backup should be, thats another story, but will save your data if you have a sudden foul-up with your OS.

  dms05 10:55 23 Feb 2006

Many thanks for your comments. I'd never seriously considered defrag as the reason but it's very valid!

  tomdee 07:35 24 Feb 2006

Thanks for help lads, got partition mgr. free on covermount of other mag. Easy peasy.
Thank again.

  terryf 09:14 24 Feb 2006

For the future consider buying an external USB HD and backing up to that

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