remove sweetpacks on google chrome

  the.hick 10:23 06 Oct 2013

Something called 'sweetpacks' has attached itself to chrome browser. Any one know how to remove it please? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

  rdave13 15:57 06 Oct 2013

Have a look at their instructions here. First of all ,though, I'd check programs and features for any unfamiliar toolbar/program and uninstall. Then reboot and follow instructions for removing from Chrome and Internet Explorer. Use Ccleaner to clean up and use the reg cleaner as well.

  the.hick 19:52 06 Oct 2013

rdave13, thankyou for reply. This program is fairly elusive. On C-Cleaner 'Uninstall' list, there is no sign of it at all. The only install of today's date was a Yahoo! toolbar, which seems odd itself. I dont think it's really a good idea to download Sweetpacks own uninstall software. I shall persevere!

  rdave13 20:27 06 Oct 2013

the.hick , take a look at the link I supplied again. There's no mention of installing sweetpacks. It shows what to look for in programs and features and shows what to look at in your browsers. Only after you uninstal unfamiliar programs in programs and features should you reboot then sort your browsers out ( including IE) then run Ccleaner in default mode, then run its registry cleaner. Forget Ccleaner's uninstall list.

Once you've removed mysterious programs in programs and features, re-set your browsers then run Malwarebytes to sweep up any residue.

Sweetpacks isn't a virus or malware but they sail close to the wind, hence your security software won't pick it up.

  the.hick 21:17 06 Oct 2013

rdave13, I have Win XP, and contrary to the advice in the link, the 'SweetIM' bundle is not in the 'Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs' list. I think I have a problem here!

  rdave13 21:25 06 Oct 2013

Sorry for long delay in response. I get no email notification. Have you re-set both browsers as per link?

If still showing then follow Bleeping Computers advice.

  the.hick 21:43 06 Oct 2013

rdave13, no the browsers would not reset either. Thankyou for the 'Bleeping..' link, I shall try this tomorrow, as have an early start in the morning.

  the.hick 06:33 13 Oct 2013

I ran SpyBot Search and Destroy' which located SweetIm, etc, then removed them. They no longer appear on Chrome browser. Seems to be successful!

  rdave13 17:00 13 Oct 2013

the.hick, glad you sorted it. Forgot all about Spybot S&D as I haven't used it since I ran XP. Will tak a look again at Spybot.

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