Remove startup password

  sjbell 17:14 09 Feb 2003

I’ve got an old laptop which I’m selling to friend. However, it has a password prompt on the black screen before the operating system (Win95) even loads - this was set when I bought it. How can I remove it?

  IanWilk 17:28 09 Feb 2003

Try opening 'control panel' from start menu & clicking on passwords icon. Choose option 'all users of this pc......., then click 'ok'.

  sjbell 17:51 09 Feb 2003

I don't think this password can be altered via the operating system - I've tried before. Someone suggested I may have to go into the Bios, but I'm not sure (assuming this suggestion was correct) how to go about this.

  bremner 17:58 09 Feb 2003

It is a BIOS activated password. So long as you know the password enter the BIOS find the entry for Boot Up password and remove.

  Ironman556 18:03 09 Feb 2003

When you first turn your computer on, there'll probably be a message saying "press Del to enter setup". Press the key it tells you to, and you should go into the BIOS. In there, there's probably a password option, which you can change. If you change somthing else accidentally, and aren't sure what it was on, just exit without saving and try again. If there's not an option to disable the passwrod, then try chaning it to having no password, and see what that does.

The easierst way to do it would be to look in the manual for your motherboard if you have it.


  sjbell 21:08 09 Feb 2003

Thanks for all your help

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