remove software plugin download

  1973scotty 14:30 03 Jul 2004

hi can any one please help to remove a software pluging please. i have spy bot search & destroy 3.1.
the plugin is from i cant remove it. it is for a games plugin and all i want is to remove it from my system when i open my email.
i get a message please press ok to download plugin, but everytime i press no to cancel i have to go back to the start of the message then close the plugin by clicking on the close down icon in the top right corner. can you pleae help me from removing this or will i have to format hard drive.

  rawprawn 15:20 03 Jul 2004

I am assuming this plugin is part of a game, can you uninstall from the game, or uninstall the game, then reinstall the game without the plugin. It's very early to talk about formatting the hard drive yet. As a last resort you can delete it through the registry.Another thing would be to go to Start/Run/type msconfig/ click the start tab and see if it is listed as a start program, if it is untick the box, reboot your computer in safe mode (Keep tapping F8 and select safe mode)and then delete it.

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