Remove Read Only status from files in Windows

  Mike-290284 10:14 14 Nov 2003

I have a Windows ME OS. I have dozens of photographs which are read only and I want to edit them. Is there a way I can batch process them.It is tedious and time consuming to do each file individually through the Properties tag.
If I am honest I would have to admit that I dont even know how I gave them read only status to begin with.
Can anyone help please.

  BurrWalnut 10:17 14 Nov 2003

You should be able to go to the highest level folder that they are stored in, then right click it and remove the read only.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:43 14 Nov 2003

Files set to Read Only on a Hard drive intentionally are done to stop the file being modified in by any program but files on a CD-Rom are set to Read Only merely as a matter of consequence that a CD-Rom is a Read Only media, so there is no purpose to having the Archive files as Read Only once copied from a CD-Rom to Hard Disc.

The Read Only attribute retained on the Hard drive copy will prohibit changes being made to the files.

If you have many files to remove the "Read Only" attributes from it can be a pain to do a group of folders, you can use "ArcSet" to do the job in a snap.

Select any file extension to remove read only attributes from them and set to archive only, it will do ALL files for the extension selected, on a Drive or folder selected (includes sub folders) all in one run. (it does not modify System or Hidden files)

Drop files or folders on program desktop icon to clear attributes, no need to have ArcSet running.

click here for the software

  Taff36 10:47 14 Nov 2003

In Explorer Select the folder as BurrWalnut suggests Right click > Properties > unclick the read only box.

Incidentally, the same can be achieved by selecting any photograph in a folder, CTRL+A to select them all, right click > Properties > unclick the read only box.

Or select the first file, hold the shift key, select the last file - everything in between will be selected then as above. If you select a file then hold the CTRL key you can select individual files from a folder too.

  Pesala 11:08 14 Nov 2003

I didn't realise you could change attributes on a whole directory tree like this. Handy tip.

BTW Alter Enter will bring up the properties dialogue box.

  beeuuem 12:11 14 Nov 2003

Or you could try click here

  Mike-290284 09:44 15 Nov 2003

Brilliant response - thanks to all, especially beeuuem for his brilliant programme. I did in seconds what would have taken hours. Thank you beeuuem for sharing your cleverness.

  beeuuem 14:06 15 Nov 2003

I'm not clever, all I did was find the link. David Crowell is clever for creating the programme.
Glad that it did what you want.

  Pesala 14:38 15 Nov 2003

but David Crowell's program seems to do nothing at all since Windows ME can do the same without it. Perhaps it is necessary for Windows 98 or before, otherwise it seems quite pointless.

Have I missed something?

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