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  new_guy 13:22 06 Jun 2003

hi there i restarted my pc but when i went to conect to the internet again it wouldnt i looked in my start up programes trow msconfig and found some thing called adult_chat and dont know how it got there well i stoped it starting up and tryed finding it to remove it but its not in add remove and not in search when i searched for it but its still in start up under msconfig but dissabled how can i find what ever it is and get rid of it thanks in advance

  Valvegrid 13:29 06 Jun 2003

Bit more info please, are you on dailup? If not how do you connect to the internet? What Operating Syestem?


  new_guy 14:21 06 Jun 2003

im on ntl cable 1mb broadband windows xp home

  jbaker65 15:37 06 Jun 2003

Hi new guy, you could try deleting any reference to 'adult_chat' from the register using regedit. Be careful not to delete anything else. This should get rid of it. good luck, John.

  Andsome 16:09 06 Jun 2003

If you choose to tinker with the register, save a copy of it first, so that if you wreck everything it can be restored.

  -pops- 16:14 06 Jun 2003

Try doing a system restore to a time before this happened before you take the drastic step of tinkering with the registry.

  The Spires 16:17 06 Jun 2003

You might find following some of the tips in this thread that is still running helpfull. click here

  hugh-265156 16:18 06 Jun 2003

use spybot to check for it click here

after its removed.go to controlpanel/system//hardware/devicemanager and click network adapters and uninstall it.restart windows and it will reinstall it again.

you should be able to connect now hopefully.

  rawprawn 16:27 06 Jun 2003

To clean it out of the registry go to run, typye regedir, in the registry highlight My Computer, click on the edit tab, click find, type adult_chat click find. when it has finished delete only the references to adult_chat click find next & so on until there are no more refs to the program. As Andsome says back up before you start in case you make a mistake

  rawprawn 16:29 06 Jun 2003

Oops sorry that should read Type regedit

  hugh-265156 16:32 06 Jun 2003

spybot will search the reg for you if you tick settings/file sets/system internals

it will keep a back up for of anything removed and is easily restored if causes problems

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