Remove pop3 password - question rework.

  jack 11:43 01 May 2009

I now have a second member of my clan with this seemingly intractable problem
click here
As in the first case flock member 2 installed Thunderbird and 'Windows Mail'[new to me that one]
When logging on the the pop3 server gets asked for a password.
As in the other case the POP3mail server rejects the submitted password[ which in is case is a one password system- Playing with Tools/Options/Security/Password make/change/edit makes no difference.
Meanwhile the SMTP server allow mails out.
I wonder if this is a new feature here- I do not get it on my Thunderbird for example
Either way how do you stop it.
One commonality here- They are both TalkTalk customers- and yes Delhi - in not making much sense either.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:12 01 May 2009

Make sure if using VISTA that service pack 1 is installed that should cure the problem.

  jack 12:34 01 May 2009

Vista SP1 does not seem to be the problem here.
Flock member 1 is XP Pro
Flock member 2 is Vista Home with SP1 installed.

As I mentioned I am beginning to suspect it is an ISP thing- TalkTalk/AOL

  jack 14:37 01 May 2009


  jack 17:22 01 May 2009

I came across the following
click here
Is it relevant to my quest- are we on the same wavelength here??

  ened 17:44 01 May 2009

With Windows Mail I get this box when the mail client rejects the account.

This would make it an isp issue.

In my case I get it every few months because I have it set to look to an old dial-up Freeserve account, which has to be renewed every so often if it isn't used.

I would suggest checking the details of the account with the isp in case there is a problem with the password.

  DieSse 19:58 01 May 2009

It's asking for the password for two main reasons

1 - there's a problem at the email server end

2 - you're giving the wrong password.

Probably you're giving the wrong password. You CANNOT alter the required password by tinkering in the system. It must be the password that the mail server expects to get - ie the one that was setup for the account in the first place.

Do you know what it was?

What types of email account are we talking about? An ISP POP3 account? - or Hotmail, or Gmail, or what?

  DieSse 20:01 01 May 2009

The link you gsve applies to AOL webmail - not to POP3 mail. Webmail you would access via a web browser - not via Thunderbird or Windows mail.

Some webmail can be accessed via Thunderbird - but apart from Gmail it's a pig to set up, and is not reliable anyway.

Please, you must tell us in more detail what your tribe is trying to do, in case it's not even the correct way to do things.

  jack 07:51 02 May 2009

I understand.
My tribe huh! - I prefer 'Flock' much more genteele for a group of Silver Surfers.

Essentially all both of them are trying to do is set up an E-client- rather than read 'Web' mail-ie their mail as it reposes on their server.
Primarily I have installed for them Thunderbird[but the problem still manifests its self in OE and Windows Mail.]
There are two systems involved- XP Pro SP3 in one case Vista Home SP1 in another.
They are both TalTalk users.
When they attempt to access the POP3 server[Get Mail] The request to enter password comes up.
The password is entered. and is rejected by the POP3 server[This is why I suspect it is an ISP thing] because no one else I know - on other ISP's has this problem.
In each case the user has a common password
That is one password for everything on their system[different in each case of course - they do not know each other]
What else can I tell you DieSie?
The link I gave is indeed AOL- but as I understand AOL is TalkTalk and comes up on the same link.[or is it the other way round?] I thought it may be relevant.

  jack 14:39 04 May 2009

Removing Thunderbird.
So she is back to Web mail reading.
Now tell me about the mysteries of VISTA
Is not Outlook Express part of the package?
Just as it is a part of XP
And what is Windows Mail- Is this Vista's equivalent?

I downloaded from M/S downloads -Outlook Express,
Clicked on Run- but the program did not reveal itself - Does it not work with VISA?

An E-Mail client would be a useful item for her

  Sea Urchin 14:58 04 May 2009

Windows Mail is Vista's replacement for Outlook Express - very similar to use.

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