Remove photos from Epson Easy PhotoPrint.

  Grandad99 22:52 21 Oct 2014

First use of Easy Photo Print on new Epson P50. Loaded photos to the main area but decided not to print them

Right click gives Enlarge and Remove but Remove is greyed out. How do I activate this option?

  Woolwell 11:51 22 Oct 2014

I've not come across this before. There should be a remove button on the right too. Is that available? Otherwise I can only suggest uninstall and reinstall of Easy Photo Print. Incidentally I rarely use the program and Windows Photo Print is just as good.

  Grandad99 23:15 23 Oct 2014

Yes, I've always used this, just tried Easy Photo Print as it came with the new printer.

Will go back to Windows but tonight when opening a picture I'm not getting the screen that displays the picture with a set of options below that includes various icons including a print one. That brought up a Wizard which displayed all the pictures in the folder enabling any or all to be ticked for printing. The next step was setting the printer preferences

Now I get just the one picture with preference boxes around it.

How can I get back to the Wizard?

  Woolwell 12:21 24 Oct 2014

What is your OS and what program are the pictures opening in? I don't recognize a Windows program with a an icon for print below the picture.

  Grandad99 00:39 25 Oct 2014

Main OS is Windows 7 but I've kept XP for some older programmes. XP opens pictures with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and this is the one I was looking for so problem solved. Thanks for pointing me to it..

Windows 7 print command just brings up the single picture - is there a way to add more and print them all from the same command?

  Woolwell 10:43 25 Oct 2014

Select each photo by shift click or ctrl and click and then click on print.

  Grandad99 21:00 25 Oct 2014

Thanks. Looks like another example of Windows 7 taking a backward step.

In XP selecting one print displayed this along with every other picture in the folder. Choice to print just the one, all, or selected ones.

Will print from XP in future - another good reason to have kept it. (For security it's not connected to the internet)

  Woolwell 23:24 25 Oct 2014

Do you have Windows Photo Gallery installed on the W7 system? Windows Live Essentials. You don't have to install it all just untick the bits that you do not want.

  Grandad99 18:48 26 Oct 2014

No, but have just installed it.

Many thanks for your help.

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