Remove OS XP home/& Pro

  Ex plorer 12:22 08 Oct 2005

Hi trying to help on a PC that has XP Pro the PC is in a mess. A new install is for the best, backed up what I can.
Sorry wrote the name down but cant find it now but the initials were DEP kept popping up and stopping Programs from opening so I have switched DEP off. Also Canon printer has difficulty in loading its drivers as Explorer jumps in and fouls things up. XP Pro was loaded on top of XP Home from what I can gather XP Home was loaned without the serial No to see what it was like before purchasing Pc Pro.
So how do I get rid of the two programs and start again clean.
The reloading of XP Pro has been tried and this is the out come.
I have tried to get info from MS site but its a bit difficult to follow.
I have kill Disk but not sure at what point its best used.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:27 08 Oct 2005
  Ex plorer 13:29 08 Oct 2005

OK can’t get into BIOS no one knows the password.
However the last time this was tried apparently the Pro disc was popped in and it seemed to boot ok and it started at the blue screen at setup, and reloaded from that point.
Now I have been told that the first hard wear to be loaded was the Printer but Explorer still stopped a full setup of loading the printer but it seemed to function ok.
I will try it from that point shortly just in case you think otherwise.
Finding out all sorts now the trouble started after a download of RealPlayer.

  VoG II 13:32 08 Oct 2005
  Ex plorer 15:29 08 Oct 2005

I have reached the point in setup where I would have liked to have created a new partition I have two choices.
One.C: Part ion 1 [NTFS] 76309MB (62155 MB Free. This is how it was installed last time apparently, so am I just copying over the last install.
From what I can make out there were still programs attached of sorts.
Choice 2 Unpartitiond Space 8MB used for XP windows partitioning.

  sharkfin 17:07 08 Oct 2005

There should be an option to delete the partition as well. It would say something like 'press D to delete'. Once that C: is deleted it will become unallocated space. You can then select to install to that space.

  Ex plorer 17:12 08 Oct 2005

No one looking over me shoulder now
Ever get the feeling you wished you hadn’t started, well I have but before I go ahead and install as far as I can tell a third times round XP on the same partition dose anyone know how to totally uninstall XP or any OS I thought.. shouldnt think realy it would have been straight forward.
Keep me Gob shut next time I offer help but practising on someone else’s PC is better than on your own.

Thanks for all the sites.


  Ex plorer 17:18 08 Oct 2005

Yes D= Delete partion not sure what to do after that to re-create partion can you give exampel.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:44 08 Oct 2005

If the hard drive or partition has a previous installation of XP you want to remove, choose to delete the partition by pressing "D". You will then be prompted to create a new partition in the empty space. This will remove all data from the deleted space.

  Ex plorer 17:46 08 Oct 2005

To many warnings either way so going for install.

Thanks Ex

  Ex plorer 17:51 08 Oct 2005

Ok will do

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