Remove old CD-ROM drive letter and icon

  Hlope 18:12 20 Jan 2007

I used to have both a CD-ROM and a DVD-ROM fitted to my computer.
I removed both the old CD-ROM and old DVD-ROM. Then upgraded to only one DL DVD-ROM (Pioneer DVD-111D)on the system.
However I'm still left with the old CD-ROM icon in "My Computer" also the drive letter does't appear in "Disk Management".
I would like to get rid of this irritating icon, and would like to use the drive letter for my new external HDD.
I tried a new ribbon and even reversed it to see if that would help - still there.
I checked in the BIOS and "Device Manager" and it does not appear there either.
Help! What is the trick.

  SLAYER 18:44 20 Jan 2007

I am hoping that I am pointing you in the right direction
start/scroll to my computer,right click,manage/disk management/right click any drive/change drive letter and paths.

hope this helps.

  Hlope 19:21 20 Jan 2007

Hi Slayer,
I went to disk management and tried to change the drive letter of my new WD "My Book" ext HDD but the drive letter "F" is missing from the drop down. My new DVD-ROM is "D" and I can't change that (no options when right-clicked). I tried to change the drive letter on the other drives as well. "C" my boot drive won't have it and the "E" drive (which is only in temporarly)drop down also has the "F" missing. The "F" was my old CD-ROM that is now no longer part of the system, although Windows thinks so.
Thanks Hlope.

  SLAYER 19:38 20 Jan 2007

Hi again,still looking,have a look here,
click here

  SLAYER 19:43 20 Jan 2007

might be something here.
click here

  Graham. 19:49 20 Jan 2007

'F' being missing, it is good practice to name an external hard drive 'Z'. Then you can unplug it without needing to re-assign a drive letter later.

  Hlope 19:56 20 Jan 2007

I didn't mention that I had originally fitted the new DVD-ROM to an old short 39 pin ribbon without no slave connection. Thinking that this might be the problem, I changed it to the original Asus ribbon, the "F" drive letter is still missing from the drop-down menu in drive management.

  Hlope 20:07 20 Jan 2007

Cheers Guys,
I've a bit of reading to do now. "Z" option looks good (pity I'm a bit fussy!)
Thanks for you help

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