Remove Norton Systemworks

  blackburnrover 14:56 20 Feb 2007


I have had Norton Systemworks 2005 on my computer for a while but have also had AVG Free edition on it as well. I want to get rid of Norton but I have a undefined virus quaritined within Norton, I want to know if I unistall it what will happen with the virus, will it be deleted or could it effect my system?


  uesquebeathus 15:49 20 Feb 2007

you can go into the virus locker and delete the virus there, or using the norton antivirus empty the locker. then uninstall the product. There is a special tool at the Symantec site for a clean removal it always seems to leave bits around as if you would want to put it back in.
download it from here click here

  Jackcoms 16:00 20 Feb 2007

You should NEVER run 2 AV programs on the same machine. They will conflict with each other and, effectively, leave you under-protected.

The sooner you un-install Norton, the better

  Jimmy14 16:01 20 Feb 2007

"The sooner you un-install Norton, the better"

Can you justify that?

  anskyber 16:07 20 Feb 2007

Jackcoms does not have to justify it if you only took the trouble to read the TO's comments.

He said
" I want to get rid of Norton" which is clear enough, he has made his decision and Jackcoms was pointing out quite correctly the dangers of running two AVs together.

  Jackcoms 16:09 20 Feb 2007

Oh, please, don't start on your usual "Norton is the best thing since sliced bread" routine.

blackburnrover has already stated that s/he is going to remove Norton.

My advice, if you'd read my post, concerned the conflicts caused by 2 AV programs on the same PC.

The sooner s/he gets rid of one, the better.

  Jimmy14 16:10 20 Feb 2007

I don't think his post was in anyway helpful and it is a snidy comment at being "better" to uninstall Norton quicker.

  Jimmy14 16:13 20 Feb 2007

"Oh, please, don't start on your usual "Norton is the best thing since sliced bread" routine."

You are usually one of the people who are quick to judge Norton on the old "Get rid" posts. Maybe if you and others could refrain from it and be like a normal person then I wouldn't have to question your attitude.

  Jackcoms 16:33 20 Feb 2007

Instead of sniping at other members, do you have any plans to provide help/advice to blackburnrover?

As I already have

  Jimmy14 16:45 20 Feb 2007

If you so wish to uninstall Systemworks then I suggest you go into Quarantine and delete the virus within it. Uninstall Norton Systemworks from the Add/remove Programs menu in Control Panel then update and run a system scan with your chosen anti-virus to make sure your system is clean of infections. Wouldn't guarantee your system to be clean with AVG Free but it's your decision.

  PaulB2005 17:53 20 Feb 2007

Also run Remove Norton Tools from here to get rid of every last trace - click here

Whilst Jimmy14 wouldn't "guarantee your system to be clean with AVG Free" i wouldn't guarantee it with Norton either. Seen too many cases where Norton says "Found Virus XXX, Can't do anything about it. Please read this long web page to manually do the job this Anti Virus should be doing for you".

I prefer NOD32 but not to the point where I'd be a FanBoy about it....

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