Remove items from "safely remove hardware" list.

  Dorsai 03:19 24 Sep 2012

I know this can be done, because I did it, I just do not remember how .

My PC shows the "safely remove hardware" icon all the time, offering me the option to "safely" remove the SATA HDD that has my operating system on it, Windows XP.

While I fully understand that a SATA HDD can be removed in such a manner, I would never want to actually do so. When I first built this PC I somehow managed to persuade it that the SATA HDD's in it were "fixed" rather than "hot swappable." As a result the icon only came up when I had an item that needed "shutting down" was plugged in, such as a USB memory stick. Following a minor crash I had to delete and re-set up the Administrator account, resulting in the loss of all my "customizations" to XP, Passwords I remember, Firefox Add-ons I can re-install, but I can't remember how persuaded XP that the hard drive it is on in not removable. Thanks in advance for the help.

  LanceAlot 09:55 24 Sep 2012

Try fiddling around in the bios.

  woodchip 10:10 24 Sep 2012

Have you looked in Device Manager? Right click My Computer/Hardware/Device Manager then check properties of the drive. You may be able to change them in there

  lotvic 11:46 24 Sep 2012

Is there anything you can alter in: rightclick My computer | rightclick Local Disk (C:) | Properties | Hardware Tab | highlight the Drive and click on Properties | Policies tab

I had a look at mine and I can't alter it as it is greyed out, but mine is a fixed drive so doesn't come up in the Safely Remove list.

My other usb drives are not greyed out and I can alter setting in Policies.

  lotvic 11:50 24 Sep 2012

Oh, woodchip's way of getting to same properties policies window is quicker...

  Dorsai 13:33 30 Sep 2012

Sadly it is not as simple as clicking on a tick box somewhere to say "non removable".

I am sure I had to go into Regedit, and change a "true" to a "false" (or the like.) But it was so long ago.

  Forum Editor 14:04 30 Sep 2012

It sounds to me as if your SATA controller is set to AHCI mode in the Bios. Go into your Bios and take it out of this mode - that should do the trick.

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