Remove Intel Screen

  RussB78 11:43 19 Aug 2011

Hello all,

When I boot up and just after the POST screen I get another screen wsith just the word Intel in the middle of it, this lasts for something like 20 seconds or so.

Is there any way to remove this screen, probably useing a registry tweak or something.

Any thoughts very welcome, not a great problem, but worth a thought.



  gengiscant 12:03 19 Aug 2011

No its not a registry tweak,its in the bios. Look for full screen logo,might be in the boot menu,you can disable it there.

  northumbria61 12:10 19 Aug 2011

You will find it in the Advanced BIOS Features - scroll down to find Full Screen Logo Show - change it to disabled - Save and Exit.

  RussB78 12:50 19 Aug 2011


Thanks very much for your help, it`s much appreciated.


  RussB78 13:10 19 Aug 2011

I just had a look in the BIOS Advanced BIOS Features but I don`t have Full Screen Logo Show, also I should have said that the Intel Screen comes before the POST.

I shall have another look around in there and see what it`s all about.

Many thanks


  gengiscant 13:21 19 Aug 2011

Its definitely in there,what make is your mobo?

  RussB78 14:01 19 Aug 2011

My computer is a Medion MD8822 and the mobo is a MS 7318 Version 1.1 but that information is pretty useless as I tried to find a manual for that four years ago when I first bought the thing, I`m sure it was made by msi but there was nothing anywhere about their websight about it.

Not to worry it was just seeing this damn intel logo taking up plenty of time before the POST screen that annoyed me, so I thought I would try remove it.

I appreciate all your help and time.


  RussB78 14:21 19 Aug 2011

I have looked at everything in the bios and Full Screen Logo cannot be found anywhere.

  gengiscant 14:45 19 Aug 2011

It might not necessarily say full screen logo, but it will be there as virtually every board I have ever owned has something similar which I have had to turn off.

You are quite correct about your motherboard it might have been made by MSI but its for Aldi so therein lies the difficulty of finding a manual,at the moment I am having a look around some German sites. if I find anything I'll post back.

  RussB78 15:17 19 Aug 2011

Thanks gengiscant,

This computer is not like anything I have ever had before, and the only bits that are original are that mobo and whats left of the case.

I have checked everything in the BIOS and there is definitely nothing even remotely like 'Full Screen Logo' nor anthing even resembling that.

I tried many forums all over the place four years ago for that elusive manual without ant luck.

Many Thanks


  T0SH 16:15 19 Aug 2011

If you can find no other way to remove this splash screen irritation then simply tapping once on the Esc key as soon as it appears will minimize your suffering :¬)

Cheers HC

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