Remove IE8 or switch it off

  Ex plorer 21:00 20 Sep 2009

Remove IE8 or switch it off, OS Vista

  birdface 21:23 20 Sep 2009


  Ex plorer 22:13 20 Sep 2009

Never use it now and for some reason the laptop started to takes ages to switch from one site to another on line.
Moved to Fire fox and its faster but I reckon it could be improved.
Spell check wont work correctly in Firefox nor would it in IE.
I just want to tidy up the PC and remove unwanted programs.
Had avira AV on trial so had full version I now have Mcfee from HSBC No problems found with both AVs.

  Ex plorer 22:30 20 Sep 2009

I was hit with a virus not long ago but I have run everything Avira, MCfee, AVG, A squared, ad-aware. Malwarebyts, ccleaner PC tools Spybot S&S. Twice and nothig is found but the problem got worse sice then.
Removed AVG and Avira.
This was the thread I was on Firefox then.
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  birdface 22:49 20 Sep 2009

Best just leaving IE8 where it is you never know when you may have to use it.
[Removed AVG and Avira.]Did you use the proper removal tools when deleting them.I would try search and type in AVG. and see if anything comes up then the same with Avira.There may be some parts left on the computer that is slowing you down.
Spell check not working properly in Firefox.Maybe delete it from add-ons and then reinstall it again.
Have you still got both anti-virus programs running.if so you will have to remove one of them.

  Stuartli 23:01 20 Sep 2009

You can't necessarily remove IE8. See:

click here

Have you tried Firefox in combination with IEView?

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  Ex plorer 23:56 20 Sep 2009

Both AVs were deleted corectly.
I am only running Mcfee.
IE is a mess I cant even get the drop downs to work File edit View history Etc.
Tried to download IE 8 just now and reinstall but it wont as it says I have more recent one?
OS Vista.
Would prefer to keep away from IE altogether.
Looking into sugestions Stuartli

  Ex plorer 00:07 21 Sep 2009

I will try a repair in the morning its gone midnight now thanks for your help.

  mooly 07:02 21 Sep 2009

I suspect you have other issues. My experience of IE8 and Vista (clean install, keeping away from "tweaky" programs such as reg cleaners etc) has been absolutely faultless.

  morddwyd 07:48 21 Sep 2009

Some sites will only come up in IE so it's best to keep it for the odd occasion.

However, I've had lots of problems with IE8 and won't use it anymore. I simply keep refusing the update.

  Stuartli 08:39 21 Sep 2009

>>Some sites will only come up in IE so it's best to keep it for the odd occasion.>>

Hence the suggestion for Firefox in combination with IEView...

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