Remove dual boot system options

  cellulite engineer 18:18 29 Dec 2004

I recently suffered a major glitch on my PC which meant i had to re-install XP Pro on drive D whilst i found a way to recover windows on drive C:

Now managed to do that with help from this forum - what i want to do now is delete Windows from drive D: and remove the dual boot option on bootup so it boots up on C:\windows instaed of me having to select it.

Many thanks

  alnwrd 18:38 29 Dec 2004

presumably d is a separate drive. If so set d as a slave by removing all jumpers, reboot to drive c, then format drive d

  cellulite engineer 19:29 29 Dec 2004

D: is a seperate drive but i do not want to re-format it. The system is like a dual boot system with two win XP systems. what i want to do now i have fixed the original XP system on C: is to remove the second XP system from D: and from the dual boot up sequence without the obvious of just deleting all files on D:\windows.
Obviously the registry and all such like are stored on D: for the second system, but i was wonering if there was a proper (technical) way to go about this???

Its a pain to select the system i want as it is the second one on the list...


  mattyc_92 19:36 29 Dec 2004

This is the only way, that I know of, that you can do unless you had one drive that was partitioned!!!!

  Gaz_dc 19:44 29 Dec 2004

If you decide to do this, make sure you backup everything first. This SHOULD work (I have used it myself, many times), but don't blame me if things go wrong...

Boot from the XP CD and select repair console. Type fixmbr and press enter (fix master boot record).

Hope this works!

  alnwrd 19:04 30 Dec 2004

If you make drive d a slave, it will not offer to bootup. You don't need to reformat it, but if you want to recover the space on d then reformat when it suits you.

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