Remove Dainish Win7 for UK version or Duel boot the UK version.

  Ex plorer 11:00 31 Oct 2011

How to remove Danish version WinOS7 and replace with Uk version WinOS7.

Or Duel boot UK OSWin7 leaving the Danish version OS Win7 on the system.

What is the easy way round.

  northumbria61 12:08 31 Oct 2011

Firstly - Do you need to retain the Danish version? If not and you have the Win 7 install disk (UK version) Boot from that, format and do a FULL install. Then download and install the Service Packs bearing in mind that all software will have to be reinstalled.

If you want to Dual Boot then here are the instructions for doing so (then remove the Danish version at a later from the boot menu) enter link description here

There's also a way to just change the language pack which I am giving you 2 links to have a look at and for you to decide - I have never used this method so I can't advise any further enter link description here enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:16 31 Oct 2011

Bear in mind that you may have to reinstall some of your drivers or use a program like the one in this link to retain them before reformatting enter link description here You could save to a USB flash drive.

  lotvic 14:15 31 Oct 2011

You can d/l English version from ClickHere

  Ex plorer 15:39 31 Oct 2011

Thanks all for your time its much appreciated.

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