remove boot sector and Windows from Partition

  jack 15:30 19 Mar 2010

I have a partition that in previous fiddlings has manged to get a boot sector and a crippled windows.
It presents to screen in POST as two version of windows, and I have to be quick with the up/down key to get to the correct version.
Ideally then is to remove this bootsector and duff windows from the partition.
Using Admin/Comp man/Storage - will not allow me to clear the boot sector or format that drive - it remains greyed out.
The Win on line help says this is the way to go - bot it does not.
So I tried a boot floppy and Fdisk and tried that way
Its still there
Any other ideas- before I total the whole lot and start over?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:51 19 Mar 2010

What version of windows?

  jack 16:34 19 Mar 2010

XP Pro

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:43 19 Mar 2010

Ok which drive is the good version of windows on and which drive has the bad version?

You need to edit the boot.ini file to stop it trying to boot into the bad version.

should all be on the root of the master drive c:\

  jack 19:51 19 Mar 2010

in C or just to prve a point in E/Windows
either visually or by Start/Search

  Storic12 21:26 19 Mar 2010

Have you tried booting from your Windows XP CD and removing the rogue partition that way? Alternatively, if you have a copy of Partition Magic v.8 you could delete the partition with that. Worth a thought perhaps?

  Storic12 21:35 19 Mar 2010

I don't know whether this will be of any use to you - worth a try though.

click here

  rdave13 00:57 20 Mar 2010

As well as the above excellent advice, have a look at EasyBCD. It manages multi booting. It enables/ disables? booting partitions within Windows startup manager.
Not sure if it will help but worth a look; click here

  DieSse 11:25 20 Mar 2010

"None of those files showed up"

That may be because of your Explorer settings.

Go to the Explorer Tools menu, and change Options - View settings to display hidden and system files, and unhide known file extensions. Then you should see them

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