removal and re-installing windows 98SE

  ercall 12:44 07 Feb 2003


I want to tidy up my 3 year old computer by removing windows and re-installing from the CdRom.
I've taken a cd copy of the stuff I want to keep and reload and have all the other cds for the printer,scanner,soundcard,modem etc.

My hard drive is converted to FAT32 and Windows Help says that windows 98 cannot therefore be uninstalled without repartion of the c drive.

Is this correct or can i go ahead with removal and re-install with the CdRom and boot disk?

  Gongoozler 12:52 07 Feb 2003

Hi ercall. I'm confused by the statement that you can't uninstall without repartitioning. Is your drive already partitioned or is it all one partition?

  ercall 14:26 07 Feb 2003

Thanks Gongoozler

I'm sure my drive is not partitioned. Is there a way to check this?
Here are the extracts from Help that are confusing me-
"Once you convert to FAT32 format using drive converter you cannot return to FAT16 format unless you repartition and reformat the the FAT32 drive. If you converted the drive on which windows 98 is installed, then you must reinstall windows98 after repartitioning the drive" ....................

"because previous versions of windows are not compatible with FAT32 you cannot uninstall windows 98 after converting"

To confuse matters further I don't know if my drive was converted to FAT32 or came in the FAT32 format.

I am also very confused by the mention of 'previous versions of windows' in the Help paragraph above.

Am I making any sense? Any advice gratefully received.

  Gongoozler 15:24 07 Feb 2003

ercall, you can stop worrying. If your drive had been partitioned you would also have a D: drive and possibly others before your cd drive. In my partitioned drive I have C:, D: and E:, then my cd drives are F: and G:.

The warning you have is to tell you that having changed your hard drive to FAT32, you can't change it back to FAT16 to install Windows 95. Get your Windows 98 boot disk, pop it into the floppy drive, format your hard drive and reinstall Windows 98.

Good luck with the reinstall.

  pj123 15:50 07 Feb 2003

email me your address and I will send you a floppy disk and full instructions on how to do this.

  ercall 16:28 07 Feb 2003

Gongoozler- thanks again

you have removed my confusion and in the meantime I have found my microsoft handbook which confirms that after converting to FAT32 windows98 cannot be uninstalled. I thought it necessary to uninstall before reinstalling but I see now that this is not the case.

Anyway here goes. But I may be back!

  ercall 16:29 07 Feb 2003


Thanks for your offer of assistance but hopefully gongoozler has sorted me out.

  MartinT-B 16:34 07 Feb 2003

If you haven't started already, I would download the latest drivers for everything on your PC and save them in approporiately named folders on a CD-R. Some of them have letter/number combinations instead of names, and it's easier to put them in a folder called Graphics driver for expample rather than renaming them!

The chipset diver is the most important and you should make sure you hae the latest release for your motherboard, and it should be the first one you reload.

Good luck

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