Removal of pages from document

  K*B 09:30 19 Feb 2010

Hello friends. I have received an electronic copy of a document with headers, footers and automatic page numbering. I notice that the last 2 pages are blank with no page numbers, headers or footers. I have confirmed that these last 2 pages contain no information and must therefore be removed. I tried putting the cursor at the end of the last (empty) page and hitting the backspace button on the key board to remove the last 2 empty pages but failed. I am now thinking, maybe those were not originally part of the main document, maybe they were just inserted/appended or something. Is there a way I can remove these pages since using the backspace button has failed? I'm using MS Office 2007 running over XP Pro. Thanks.

  howard64 10:20 19 Feb 2010

a work around would be highlight everything from the bottom of the last page you wish to keep and press control C then open a blank page and paste your copy into it then save it with a slightly different name.

  wiz-king 11:29 19 Feb 2010

If you turn on the editing marker (looks like a letter P but backwards) this will show you all the page breaks etc. You may find you have a couple of them at the bottom of the page before the blank pages.
Not useing Office 2007 so cant be more help, I have gone back to an earlier version as I didn't like 2007.

  K*B 06:46 21 Feb 2010

Thanks wiz-king, I turned on the editing marker and saw all the page breaks but didn't know what to do next. Users of Office 2007, please help me remove those last two blank pages. I have tried all I know and failed. Thanks in advance.

  exdragon 07:07 21 Feb 2010

With the editing marker on, if there are edit marks on the last blank page, position the cursor against the last one and hit the backspace. The marks should vanish one by one until the top of the empty last but one page is reached.

The next hit of the backspace should bring you to the bottom of the 'proper' page and the empty ones should disappear.

  K*B 06:26 22 Feb 2010

Thanks exdragon, but positioning the cursor against any of the edit marks and hitting the backspace does not get rid of the edit mark. I suggest you do it on a Word 2007 document and see how it goes, and let's hear from you please. Thanks.

  exdragon 07:26 22 Feb 2010

I've just tried it on my laptop which has 2007 and it works.

Either hold down the back key and you should get to the bottom of your proper page, or else press the key the same number of times as you have lines on your page. I've got 49 lines per page, so it's a lot of presses. If you hold the key down, watch the page numbers in the bottom left corner of the screen, so when it shows,say, 20 of 20 and you've got 19 pages with text on, you know you've got rid of one page.

Forgive me if I'm not explaining it clearly, but you can't really tell if the marks are being deleted as the cursor always stays on the last one. Give it a try.

  howard64 14:51 22 Feb 2010

Did you try what I suggested at the begining of this query? I would be interested to know if it works or not.

  wiz-king 15:24 22 Feb 2010

If you can see a row of dots with page break in the middle break.............
put your cursor on the begining of the line and press Ctrl Z

  skeletal 15:38 22 Feb 2010

Word 2007 (and 2010 come to that!) is the same as 2003. Do as others have suggested, press the “Pilcrow button” ¶ as you have done, and remove all paragraph markers together with all the section and page breaks.

This has always worked for me and the Pilcrow button often shows something odd that is easy to miss.

If you're sure this doesn’t work you will have a much more interesting problem, like a locked or corrupt document!


  skeletal 15:45 22 Feb 2010

Actually, re-thinking your problem: You can’t get rid of the very last Pilcrow, it actually “contains” formatting information for the document. You can only get rid of all the ones up to the last one.

Also, sometimes, you have to put the cursor before a Pilcrow and press delete (i.e. rather than after and press backspace).


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