removal of norton i s 2003

  cooked cow 11:28 21 Feb 2003

i,ve just removed nis from my pc using symantec's
Rnav.exe & Rnis.exe from there site(thanks jazzypop for the link).they recommend i edit the registry to remove everything that belongs to nav,
i,m not that good to be messing around in there so
would it be the same if i looked for files & folders that belong to symantec and delete them that way? i know it,s not as good as editing the registry but it,s just a thought! i dont have any other products of symantec on my pc

  jazzypop 11:52 21 Feb 2003

Sorry, but no. The link I gave you yesterday itself has detailed links describing exactly how to edit the registry.

It looks a little scary if you have not done it before, but it is no different to editing a long and complex document.

First, make a backup of your registry (as described on Norton's site). Then print out the instructions.

Then take them exactly one step at a time. Although there are many steps, each one is simple in itself.

Your suggestion of just deleting files and folders will leave you with the worst of both worlds - a program that is not there, but a registry that thinks it is, and tries to run it. A sure recipe for serious grief.

Once you get into it, and take it slowly and step-by-step, I'm sure it won't be nearly as difficult as you imagine :)

(Link to previous thread - click here )

  cooked cow 12:22 21 Feb 2003

thanks for the help.i,m going to lay down in a darkend room for a while to pluck up some courage.
mmmmy hhhhhands aare shaacking already!!
hope to be able to post reply.

  cooked cow 15:23 21 Feb 2003

thanks for the help i,ve edited the registry
with no problems

  jazzypop 15:44 21 Feb 2003

It's a bit like ging to the dentist - the thought of going is worse than the actual experience


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