Removal of hard drive enough?

  Calvados44 09:06 23 Nov 2014

Hi All,

I'm sure this question has been asked many times so I apologise but I have just sold my PC and told the buyer I will remove the hard drive first. I am guessing that is easy to do (Compaq Presario) but must I delete anything else / take any other measures in addition to the hard drive removal?

This old PC used a 'C' and a 'D' drive as I recall so I'm not sure there's anything I must wipe...

Appreciate your help on this folks.

Regards, Cal

  Jollyjohn 09:30 23 Nov 2014

If you physically remove the hard drive that is sufficient. There is nowhere else in the PC that retains any information once power is switched off.

An alternative is to boot from a cd, format both partitions, write random stuff to the partitions, format again and reinstall the operating system, this would render your data unrecoverable.

Also consider formatting the partitions before you remove the hard drive unless you need to retain the data.

  Calvados44 09:39 23 Nov 2014

Thanks. Not sure I understand the bit about partitions.

I understand it will be quick to remove the hard drive and I have already copied all the data to an external hard drive (and copied it my new PC) so unless I have to delete or format anything else for security reasons I probably won't.

Also the 'two drives' C and D, are they both part of the hard drive or is that the partition you were talking about?

  The Kestrel 09:39 23 Nov 2014

There are ways to wipe your hard drive clean of all previous data see this thread click here You can then give the PC to the new owner with a clean hard drive.

  Calvados44 10:06 23 Nov 2014

thanks, have already sold PC on ebay (without hard drive) so don't need to do that bit

  Calvados44 10:06 23 Nov 2014

thanks, have already sold PC on ebay (without hard drive) so don't need to do that bit

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:13 23 Nov 2014

If you want to sell a machine with the operating system intact but all personal data removed.

Then either fit a new drive and do a clean install of windows on that drive


  1. Reset the machine to factory settings and

  2. Download and run CCleaner use the drive wiper tool to wipe all the free space on the C: drive (where the operating system resides)

  3. and wipe all of any other drives.This will take a while to complete so best left to do overnight.

  Calvados44 11:02 23 Nov 2014

sorry, I might be getting confused now....

I have sold it as 'without hard drive' and I wasn't intending to reinstall operating system.

So, like this, am I 'secure'? Good to let go to seller?

  spuds 11:28 23 Nov 2014

If you have released the computer to another person, with no hard-drive installed, then the computer holds no details about your previous activities.

If the hard-drive is worth anything, then you can wipe the contents or reuse again.

If you are rather security concerned, them destroy the hard-drive completely.

  Calvados44 11:51 23 Nov 2014

great thanks

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