Removal of "emlkdve.dll"

  wrg 12:17 28 Dec 2007

The above dll has installed on my set. Not sure how as I am running kapersky and it has not picked it up. It installs as a toolbar when I go on the internet and keeps giving me the following message " Warning there may be virus on you computer click here to scan" if you do this it takes you to a website asking to download some anti virus software & when you try to come out of it a pop up window appears and asks if to delete a load of files and you cannot come out of it normally. You have to right click at the bottom of the computer where the website tab is and close that way. Having looked on the internet it is some kind of spyware/adware. Any advice on how to delete would be appreciated.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:24 28 Dec 2007

it is some kind of spyware/adware

Thats why kapersky didn't pick it up kapersky is antivirus.

What antispyware do you have? scan with that.

  wrg 12:34 28 Dec 2007

Fruit Bat

Thanks for your repsonse. The kapersky I have is the full internet secuirity suite which I thought it included virus, spyware adware but having looked in the setting all are anti virus = mail/file/web anti virus, proactive defense, firewall, anti spam & parental control in which case looks like I do not have anti spyware apart from windows defender, I am running Vista basic. What do you advise?


  VoG II 12:38 28 Dec 2007

Try click here (free version).

  mfletch 13:19 28 Dec 2007

Hi, If Superantispyware does not remove the spyware download this and follow the instructions,

Smitfraudfix click here


  wrg 13:35 28 Dec 2007

Thanks VoG worked a treat. Thanks all for your input.

  ThorCS 13:35 28 Dec 2007

I think that this is a file belonging to the Malware group VUNDO. It is a really nasty piece of XXXX. Check the web for Vundo thru one of the search engines. It can be a real pain to get rid of. In my case it was easier and less time consuming to rebuild the PC fron the bottom up. Spy ware doctor will get rid of it as well..

  wrg 13:57 28 Dec 2007


Thanks for that, interestingly I have just rebooted my computer afer running the spyware programme and Kapersky scans at start up and gives the same detected message as before I started antispyware. Do not understand though why Super Anti Spyware picked up 150 threats including the one in my post yet Kapersky does not even though I have the spyware box checked.

  mfletch 14:14 28 Dec 2007

Hi, One antispyware program will not detect every spyware that is why it is best to run two or three antispyware programs {NOT AT THE SAME TIME}

Where one misses another may detect.


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