Removal of Click Potato menace

  Al Davies 15:14 25 Nov 2011

Hi folks,

I am plagued with "Click Potato” adware. Some time ago I downloaded a newer version of Real Player and was told by Real Player to go to another site to download a codec to make Real Player function as it should. I trusted Real Player advice.

Ever since then I have had Click Potato show up on my PC. It did go quiet for a while but has recently shown up again. My AVG anti virus warns me of it and then removes various files which makes the Click Potato icon disappear from the system tray.

However, every time I start my PC the icon returns.

Does anyone know how to get rid of this pest for good?

My PC is running XP Professional.


  Al Davies 15:14 25 Nov 2011


  Al Davies 09:50 27 Nov 2011

Many thanks for your suggestion.

Click Potato seems to have gone now.

Best regards


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