Removal of anti- virus remnants

  WRS 10:27 24 Nov 2014

I have remnants of 10bit and AVG antivirus on my hard drive on my PC Desktop running Windows 7. How can I remove?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:21 24 Nov 2014

AVG removal tools select either 64bit or 32bit

I assume you mean IObit software? delete any left over folders and use the registry cleaner in CCleaner (only safe registry cleaner I will recommend) to remove any bits left in the registry.

1]: [click here 2]: [click here

  spuds 11:46 24 Nov 2014

If you haven't already removed the items, but by your comments that would seem to late now. You could have downloaded something like Revo Uninstaller, run that, and see if that picks anything up.

You might be able to still do that, but I doubt it now.

  john bunyan 11:56 24 Nov 2014

I do not think Revo works with 64 bit?

  spuds 12:10 24 Nov 2014

john bunyan - apparently it does click here

  john bunyan 12:22 24 Nov 2014


Thanks; I must have the old version - I will update it !!

  tullie 12:22 24 Nov 2014

Revo works fine with 64bit

  john bunyan 12:26 24 Nov 2014


Only the pro (paid) version woks with 64 bit - see

Download page

You are correct if referring to the pro version.

  hiwatt 13:11 24 Nov 2014

The free version of Revo also works fine with 64bit!

  hiwatt 13:17 24 Nov 2014

I meant to add it will work on a 64bit system and uninstall programs just fine it's just that 64bit programs will not show up in Revo's uninstall list and therefor it will not remove 64bit programs.

  hiwatt 13:18 24 Nov 2014

should be therefore!

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