Removable USB Drive Boot Up Problem

  BazzaHawkeye 19:48 24 Feb 2005

I have a removable USB hard drive, Freecom Classic Drive.

My PC refuses to boot when the drive is connected. It hangs before the memory check.

I therefore have to ensure the USB plug is out before switching the system on. Once Windows XP starts, the drive can be plugged in and works well.

I have been in contact with the drive manufacturer who told me to update the BIOS, which I have done, to no avail, They can offer no more help.

  woodchip 19:54 24 Feb 2005

Start the computer then plug the drive in and switch it on, now go to My Computer double click it Right click on any partition on the external drive Properties tools check disc or scandisk if 98 set to correct errors a standard test will do

  dogbreath1 20:00 24 Feb 2005

I've got an external hard drive problem in a thread not too far away from this. It's an inconsistent problem but one symptom has been exactly as you describe above. I also contacted Lacie (the hdd manufacturer) and gave them a detailed description of my problem. The best that they could come up with was 'are you sure that the usb cable is connected?'. Their backup is pants. For the record, the best backup I've come across has been Hewlett Packard. I've had call to contact them twice (regarding printers) and their support was superb. At the moment, there are dozens and dozens of threads across various tech. forums regarding problems with external hdds. The majority seem to have one common factor. They don't get resolved or at least quickly! I wish you better luck.

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