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Remote (wireless) USB hub options

  stlucia2 22:00 07 Nov 2013

I wish to run a vinyl cutter in a separate room from my PC. I've been reading about wireless USB hubs, where a dongle in a PC USB port sends the signal to a receiver in the USB hub -- like the Belkin one advertised by Amazon click here But I can't find anyone who stocks one, unless I'm misunderstanding the descriptions in some of the other ads.

So, is what I'm describing now superseded by something better (Belkin web site reports that the one at Amazon is discontinued)? I already have a Netgear wireless router, so is there some way that this can communicate with some kind of USB hub to control the vinyl cutter?

I've also read about the systems that send the signal through the mains wiring, but I've also read that they're unreliable if not on the same circuit breaker -- and mine won't be. So any experience with these, please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:42 07 Nov 2013

I've also read that they're unreliable if not on the same circuit breaker

fine as long as on same consumer unit i.e. main breaker not different miniature circuit breaker.

I have upstairs downstairs front and rear on four separate CCBs Homeplugs work fine anywhere in the house.

However the above is for ethernet or a remote wireless signal not for USB

I assume your vynal cutter is usb only?

  stlucia2 09:04 08 Nov 2013

The cutter I'm considering is the Silhouette Cameo click here, but I can't see if it has other connections apart from USB.

I'm not familiar with Ethernet -- is it used the same was as USB, assuming the devices have appropriate connectors?

I've just noted that the Cameo has a built-in SD card reader, so that may be a practical way of operating it remote from my PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:12 08 Nov 2013

Looks like it only connects by USB non of the reviews mention using the SDcard see here some poor reviews note the Youtube video why not to buy.

  stlucia2 13:31 08 Nov 2013

Thanks Fruit Bat. My interest is for cutting thin vinyl stickers and paint masks for model RC aircraft, so my patterns won't be as complex as in the video. I can't help wondering if the woman's cutting tool was blunt, the way it chewed up her card, or if the card was too thick for the machine. I can imagine that some types of craft card (we used to call them "sugar paper" --maybe they are still called that) seem like they would be pretty abrasive on any cutting blade. Anyway, it got "awesome" reviews on an RC model aircraft forum, so I think I'll go ahead.

But, back to my original question: The Belkin remote wireless USB hub seems to be just what I want, but why is it discontinued and seemingly not replaced by anything? Did it not work? Is there any other option for remote USB?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:07 08 Nov 2013

It may be simpler to connect the device to a laptop with the software installed :0)

  stlucia2 18:07 08 Nov 2013

That's true. I wonder if it will run on my very old Toshiba Satellite.

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