remote shutdown - windows 2000

  noddy2121 10:45 07 Dec 2005


I work as a technician and at the end of a working day i shut down all the pcs in the IT suite, i am aware of third party software that can be used to shutdown all the pcs remotley.

However i would prefer not to use third party software as it didnt work the last time i tried it. Unless anyone can recomend any to me (freeware)

I would like to know if there is a simple net command that can be used instead? which will shutdown computers from my computer.

Any suggestions please



  PaulB2005 12:33 07 Dec 2005

Start Menu, Run, type CMD and hit enter.

At the prompt type shutdown /?

This will give you the Windows Shutdown Help page with the switches.

shutdown -m\\computername

Will shutdown that PC.

You should be able to use this in a batch file.

  PaulB2005 12:34 07 Dec 2005

shutdown -r -m\\computername will reboot

shutdown -s -m\\computername will shutdown


  PaulB2005 12:35 07 Dec 2005

Ah not sure if that applies to 2000....

  noddy2121 13:28 07 Dec 2005

when i try this i get a message saying shutdown is not a recognised command

  PaulB2005 14:33 07 Dec 2005

Sorry. Try click here;en-us;317371&sd=tech

  PaulB2005 14:36 07 Dec 2005

Sorry that also requires the NT Resource Kit and the same file.

Try click here

  noddy2121 14:59 07 Dec 2005

hi when i type psshutdown i still get the same message which says the command is not recognised.

am i doing the right thng by going to run and typing "cmd" and then typing "psshutdown"

is this correct



  PaulB2005 15:05 07 Dec 2005

Did you download the program???

Go to the bottom of the page.....

  noddy2121 15:16 07 Dec 2005

oh i see,

i have just downloaded the program, but when i double click the icon, a screen appears for a split second and then dissappears.

what shall i do next?



  PaulB2005 20:18 07 Dec 2005

"i have just downloaded the program, but when i double click the icon, a screen appears for a split second and then dissappears."

From the website...

PsShutdown is a COMMAND-LINE utility...

Just copy PsShutdown onto your executable path, and type psshutdown with command-line options defined below.

You can make shortcuts with the command line switches added or run it from a batch file....

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