Remote Shut Down

  User-34A8A221-5649-4240-872B4E8CB44C1AA5 15:21 12 Sep 2003

I am working with two computers side by side both of which are connected to the Internet via their own Dial-Up Modems. Both are connected with one monitor and mouse/keyboard between two and along with network cabling but it is not yet fully operational on the two computers.
When I access the internet and am online, after anything from 2/3 mins to 10 mins I suddenly get a remote procedure shut down warning on the screen which tells me to save my work I'm about to be shut down. Within 1/2 mins I am shut down and the computer restarts itself but not on the net. It also happens when the other computer goes through its modem onto the Inet. Both are on versions of Win XP. One Pro and the other Home Edition.I have no control whatever over the shut down.
Any ideas that would help eliminate this tiresome excercise and allow me use of the Internet again.
By the way it happens to the working computer even if the othe one is switched off.

  Jester2K II 15:26 12 Sep 2003

MSBlaster worm or varient.

For advise - click here

To stop the Shutdown hit WinKey (Windows Flag Key) and R type "shutdown -a" no quotes and hit enter. This'll buy you more time.

Thank you Jester 2K II the problem did show up as a worm. Stinger dealt with it and AVG continued with protection after I was able to load it.

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