Remote procedure Call?

  Taurus 10:13 03 Feb 2007

Goog morning Forum.
I have a pesistant problem that one of you generous people may be able to help me with; despite several clean reinstal of windows (xp Pro), and a rewrite of the MBR, I keep suffering sudden shutdowns when connected to the Internet. It appears to be totally random, sometimes I cannot get an internet connection despite a second machine sharing the connection is able to; sometimes the machine will reboot completely even when not being used, but most frequently the machine goes into a timed shutdown displaying the notice that a 'Remote Procedure Call(RPC)shut down unexpectedly'. Also, I believe that random shutdowns of my firewall (Ashampoo) and the inability run Counterspy's Active Monitor is allied to the problem. MSKB has not yeilded any enlightenment and so any help or suggestions that you may be able to offer would be most welcome.

Many thanks.

  Taurus 10:18 03 Feb 2007

Just this moment I have noticed that I now have TWO firewall icons in the task bar when before I had none and also, despie having an internet connection AVG A/V will not connect to the update server. Curiouser and curiouser.

  Taurus 10:25 03 Feb 2007

I have just downloaded AVG Antispyware and that too will not update. Please help!!!

  Taurus 10:27 03 Feb 2007

AVG A/S will not run active monitoring either....

  brundle 10:30 03 Feb 2007

How old is your PC? Perhaps the power supply is starting to fail. Have you checked your CPU temperature? Open your PC and look for dust and fluff clogging the fans/heatsinks. You can check your PSU voltages in the BIOS or with something like
SpeedFan, which will also tell you your processor temperature and how `healthy` your hard-drive is.
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  Taurus 10:39 03 Feb 2007

Thanks for responding. The machine is getting on a bit and it does not have CPU monitoring abilities. I don't think fluff and dust is a problem as I regularly clean the guts and it was done just a week or so ago. It runs fine when not connected to the internet and it is only internet use related (firewalls, AV software etc) and the shutdowns only occur when using the net so I suspect the PSU is ok and it is some how under the control of a virus that is particularly difficult to detect and disinfect, at least that is very much the impression I get.
I am at my wits end and have even considered getting a new hard drive to ensure a truely clean install.

  brundle 10:46 03 Feb 2007

How are you connected to the 'net? If you are on broadband (likely since you mentioned sharing the connection) do you use a router, or a broadband modem and how does it connect to your PC - USB or Ethernet?

  Taurus 10:49 03 Feb 2007

I am on cable BB and distribute the connection via a ethernet hub to ethernet cards on both machines.

  brundle 10:53 03 Feb 2007

Is it built in ethernet on the problem PC or a PCI card? Do you get any problems if you run the machine for a few hours after choosing `Safe mode with Networking` at the boot menu (hit F8 repeatedly before you see the XP logo).

  Taurus 11:06 03 Feb 2007

PCI card on both machines. I will run up the machine in safe mode and see what happens. I will get back, many thanks

  Taurus 11:24 03 Feb 2007

Hi brundle, the same problem persists in safe Mode, i.e. RPC shutdowns as soon as I connect to the net. Where do we go from here?

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