remote laptop connection

  Robin Garland 08:59 28 Feb 2004

At home my laptop is connected to the internet through a small network which is on broadband. When traveling I would like to be able to connect to my e-mail through the laptop in a dial up connection. Is that possible and how do I do it?

  Forum Editor 09:18 28 Feb 2004

where you are going to be when you're travelling, but wherever it is you'll need access to an ISP dialup account. Then you'll be able to see your email on your broadband provider's webmail interface.

If you want to download the mail from your POP3 mailbox in the normal way you can do so via Outlook or Outlook Express.

The main problem is the ISP account. In the UK you could open a free 'Pay as you go' account with Tiscali, and then you can dial in from any UK landline or mobile phone. If you're abroad you can always use your hotel's system - most good hotels have Internet access available in the rooms nowadays - but, (and I speak from experience) it will be expensive. The hotel business centre - if there is one - will be slightly cheaper, but most of them will not allow you to connect your own machine, so you'll be back to using webmail.

A final tip - if you do use business centre computers be sure to clear the history in Internet Explorer when you've finished - that ensures that nobody can subsequently go to any of the urls that you've accessed. For added security I always clear the machine's cookie cache as well.

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