remote email access, help required, please

  Andy69 15:44 14 Mar 2003

I'm not sure if I can do this, but if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate hearing them
At the moment I have a home network set up with 2 PC's and a laptop sharing an ISDN HomeHighway internet connection using ICS.

I have multiple email accounts that I need to check from at least 3 providers.

I needed to have access to the emails from both a desktop PC and a laptop so I set up an IMAP server on the desktop to collect the emails and hold them. (click here) The desktop Outlook is configured to connect to the IMAP server and so is the latop.

Although I'm having a few problems with the desktop connection to the IMAP server at the moment, it does make the emails accesible from both machines, and provides the ability to send from both machines.

I also work away from home a lot and need to be able to connect to my email while on a dialup connection from the laptop - I've tried using a dns alias provided by click here and using an updater program to keep the IP address for the alias updated. In the email configuration for the mail server I put the alias in and have been able to collect email, but not send - although I think this is more a configuration issue.

At the moment there are a couple of drawbacks with this idea, first my ISDN connection is not always on at home, and I'm also reluctant to open up my system in this way. Although I have a firewall I'm a little concerned I might be leaving myself open for attack.

I'd considered reverting back to using pst files on the desktop machine and then when I go away copying them to the laptop and using them locally - would this work?

Does anyone have any other ideas?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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