remote desktop

  03moscropl 12:37 06 Jan 2006

ok i have xp home on evry pc on the house a working wireles network (internet, printer & file sharing) working on. i know that you need xp pro for it to work can an body help me on this.

i have tried damewire and VNC. i dont one an online thing.


  recap 12:59 06 Jan 2006

click here you can try it before buying it.

  mgmcc 14:01 06 Jan 2006

What was wrong with VNC? I regularly use RealVNC to "Remote Control" another PC in my local network.

  Taran 14:33 06 Jan 2006

I use UltraVNC and RealVNC for some remote support work on client networks. Both are superb applications and I wouldn't like to be without them as part of my armoury of tools.

What exactly is it that you want to be able to do that VNC software fails at, or are you stuggling with configuration issues ?


  03moscropl 16:54 06 Jan 2006

i want it so i can connect wirelessly to another computer the wirelessly network is working and i can file and printer sharing i am on XP home edition so i know that i can not use remote desktop.

"What exactly is it that you want to be able to do that VNC software fails at, or are you stuggling with configuration issues ?"

when every i try to connect to the other computer 'Main' it says there is no such host do i need to put the VNC on every pc or something.

  Taran 17:08 06 Jan 2006

You need VNC software at each end of the connection.

One is set to listen while typically the other would be set to call out, or to have traffic in both directions.

Full installation and configuration instructions for VNC are on the websites of the respective VNC software products.

VNC is not necessarily the simplest of software to get your head around but it is more than capable of offering full remote access to and from computer to computer over either a wired or wireless LAN.

It is also entirely unnecessry unless you need FULL access to another system.

You would normally have some VNC software installed at either end - each computer will be set up to allow the other access based on user names and passwords as well as on connection locations and addresses.

On top of that you will need user name and password access to the Windows environment on the computer you are trying to access.

You would log into VNC to access the VNC software on the opposite end, then log into Windows to do whatever needs to be done.

The Windows log in is not essential but for security may be desirable.

  03moscropl 17:13 06 Jan 2006

what is the site and is there a full tut?

  Taran 17:51 06 Jan 2006

For UltraVNC click here

There is a link on the site to describe how to set up the server/client relationship.

It could also be worth getting PuTTY click here but this depends very much on your actual needs. If this is a local network setup then PuTTY will be unnecessary.

For secure remote access from home to work or to a client machine/network the PuTTY/UltraVNC is a pretty impressive (and free) solution.

Running a Google search fro UltraVNC tutorial returns more good information than you will know what to do with.

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