Remote Desktop

  BranVan39 13:12 14 Mar 2005


I am using a Mac Powerbook (connected to net) and a PC with XP Home Edition (also connected to net.) I would like to be able to log in to my PC using the Remote Desktop Client. Could somebody please tell how I can do this.....

My PC is on the AOL broadband, as far as I am aware every time i connect i am given a different IP address. Is there anyway (apart from changing ISP) i can keep a static ip address?

Also what security settings do I need on the PC? I have Remote Desktop Client installed on both computers.

Is it just a case of typing the pc ip address into my mac and connecting?

Cheers, Andrew

  mattyc_92 13:20 14 Mar 2005

You need to have a open internet connection in order of it to work

click here for some info on how to use this feature

  Yoda Knight 16:44 14 Mar 2005

To overcome the changing ip address problem, I wrote a little prog to update my IP address in a text file on my web site via ftp, scheduled to run every 10 mins. Now I can check for my IP address whenever I need to connect to my pc by using using the command line ftp of windows (I use PC Anywhere or VNC to connect)

  BranVan39 20:51 19 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight...I don't suppose you would be able to pass the prog onto me??


  BranVan39 21:43 19 Mar 2005

no matter. found a prog called adslconnect.


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