remote assistance and xp sp2 services required

  hugh-265156 02:48 14 Aug 2004

Hi all. I have been trying in vain to help a friend (new user) via remote assistance and windows messenger. they have AOL broadband and i have NTL Broadband. Both of us have xp home.

When the invitation is sent from my friend via windows messenger i get a message that the invitation has been sent but that remote assistance is disabled or maybe has been removed from my computer, this is not so.

I have checked all my services running, normally i have most uneeded services disabled or set to manual that i can do without to free up some resourses but i have re-enabled everything especially to do this that i can think of to try and get it to work and i still have no joy. Unfortunatly my friend is so new to computers that they cannot save the invite to file and send via AOL email attachment :-(

Does anybody know what services remote assistance via windows messenger relies on please?

i have never had any problems before after i enabled the services required via using service pack 1.

ps. again im running XP service pk2, windows firewall disabled instead using with zonealarm free edt. friend is using xp sp1. thank you.

  Chegs ® 02:52 14 Aug 2004

I gave up the fight with RA,and switched to click here VNC instead.Its a doddle to setup and use,its freeware and the d/l is tiny.

  hugh-265156 03:03 14 Aug 2004

thanks Chegs ®

i had a quick look at the faq`s but can you tell me do both parties need to install this because my friend cannot even get their head around installing any software. i had to talk them through sending an invite via windows messenger on the phone and it wasnt good :-)

im also thinking this may be just a service pack 2 issue with xp because i have used this before after i enabled the services to run remote assistance.

thanks again.

  hugh-265156 03:05 14 Aug 2004

ps. im wanting to use remote assistance to walk through how to install software for my friend.

  Chegs ® 03:15 14 Aug 2004

The setup is easy,all they do is doubleclick on the file they d/l'ed and it installs.It needs the IP address and a password setup,the only thing they might have trouble with is selecting server/client and start with windows or not.Thinking about it,I had trouble with it 1st go.If you email me(once you have it installed)we can try a quick "remote connection" if you want,then you'll know if its a problem your end or whatever.

  pc moron 10:29 14 Aug 2004

Found this click here

  hugh-265156 13:51 14 Aug 2004

thanks for the help folks. pc moron thats interesting?

Chegs ® i installed VNC thanks, looks good. i will have a read up on how to use it and give it a go. as above though if anybody can tell me if any the services required by remote assistance have changed in SP2 from those needed in SP1 i would be most grateful.

'remote desktop help session manager' and 'rpc/remote procedure call' are both set to auto. these are the only services i had to enable in the past to get remote assistance working.


  bvw in bristol 14:19 14 Aug 2004

Right click My Computer, select properties.

Select Remote, check the box is ticked, then select Advanced and check the box is ticked.

Using SP2 here and the boxes are ticked.

  hugh-265156 14:41 14 Aug 2004

the boxes were ticked thanks.

  hugh-265156 00:50 17 Aug 2004

well i think i have it sorted. remote assistance was configured as 'allowed' in zonealarm but i though i would turn it off to test and what do you know it worked.

silly me :-)

cannot remember having to this before though. thanks for the help again.

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