Remote assistance via email or messenger?

  Jakey boy 09:55 03 Apr 2005

Do any of the forum members recommend one or the other options above. I think it is a superb system, but am not to sure how to use it to the best advantage. Member's views would be greatly appreciated.

  Fingees 10:13 03 Apr 2005

remote assistance via Email, lets you decide what you want to do on your computer, having read replies.

Messenger on the other hand enables those at the far end to take control of your computer at your request, and make what adjustments they think fit.

It's up to you.


  Jakey boy 10:18 03 Apr 2005

So in order for me to take control of my sister's PC for instance, we would both have to use MSN Messenger rather than email? Is this correct?

  Jakey boy 10:21 03 Apr 2005

So in order for me to take control of my sister's PC for instance, we would both have to use MSN Messenger rather than email? Is this correct?

  VoG II 10:29 03 Apr 2005

Messenger is the preferred method click here

  Jakey boy 10:33 03 Apr 2005

But what if I don't use messenger? Do I still have the "take control" option using the email method?

  keith-236785 11:19 03 Apr 2005

you could use VNC from click here

i have used this to sort out a pc for a friend in virginia USA (i live in britain)

simple to setup and use. my work also uses this for the IT staff to take control when we have a problem at 3AM, saves them coming in to press a few buttons.

if you need more advice please just ask

i also use this on my home network, it allows me to see what the kids are upto on the upstairs pc.

best of all, its free for home use.

  Jakey boy 11:32 03 Apr 2005

Thanks for the link, I'll have a look at that, but do both parties have to have this installed?

  Jakey boy 13:26 03 Apr 2005

Any other comments on RA guys?

  keith-236785 20:02 03 Apr 2005

Yes, both pcs would have to install the vnc server/viewer.

then the person requiring assistance contacts the helper with thier ip address (hover mouse over the vnc icon and it tells you the ip address) & password if one is selected (advised)

then the helper simply types the ip addy and password, once connected you will have total control of the other pc and will be able to see on your screen what they see, they would then be able to watch what you are doing and maybe learn from it (just like messenger remote assistance if you can get it to work).

it is really quite easy, but if your sisters computer is unusable then no remote setup would be possible.

i know your original thread was about e-mail or messenger, e-mail would not give you physical control only allow you to explain what to do and maybe send a screenshot to show them, messenger remote assistance does.

choice is yours but if you need to take control i would recommend real VNC its the bees knees.

good luck.

  Jakey boy 20:24 03 Apr 2005

Many thanks paperman27, that's all I wanted to know. I'll try to get the messenger system to work first, and if no luck, then maybe I'll take your advice on VNC.

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