Remote assistance - Being Hacked !

  1887 20:47 24 Feb 2007


Just checking I was at eclipse computers the other day and I was chatting to the sales guy who informed me about remote assistance and to check if mine is turned off. Because when you load XP it automatically turns it on.

So as a safty measure id like to check that its turned off.

Reason being mine & my mrs`s pc`s turn on by themselfs, my mrs brought a new pc tower only two days ago to see if she could rectify the problem on her pc but its still the same.

Her Pc switched on twice last night at 11.30 pm and 11.40 pm and again at 2.30am this morning. Scared the living c**p out of me.

I have power surge protectors on both pc`s. But the laptop downstairs doesnt power up on its own.

Any ideas would be helpful

Many Thanks

  Ben 216 21:11 24 Feb 2007

To disable remote assistance press the windows key + break or start --> settings --> control panel --> performance and maintainance --> system, to open the system properties. You can then turn remote assistance off by selecting the remote tab and deselecting the remote assistance options.

This could alternitively be a Wake on LAN problem, what type of connection do you use to connect to the internet? If you're going through a router it might be causing the PC's to turn on for some reason. There should be a setting in your network adapter properties to disable it.

Try disabling remote assistance first and post back if it still happens.

  Kate B 21:12 24 Feb 2007

I very much doubt a hacker could turn on a PC remotely - remote assistance only works when the computer is on. I think Ben 216 is right - it's some kind of wake-on-LAN.

  1887 21:16 24 Feb 2007

Were running it throught a fire wall router.

  Ben 216 20:51 26 Feb 2007

Sorry for the delayed response...

I take it you've tried disabling the remote assistance now? Did the PC still turn itself on?

The other thing it could be is some kind of maintenance operation, set to turn the PC on and run a program such as an anti-virus, and would explain both PC's turning on if you've installed the software on both - to test for this simply unplug the network cable/adapter from the back of both PC's and see if it still turns on:- if it does it's a software problem.

If it doesn't then the next step would be to disable Wake on Lan (WoL), which might have to be done via the BIOS. I'll look into that (or maybe someone else can help here) if I need to; if you can post the make/model of each PC or if you don't have a make/model then motherboard & network adapter, it should make disabling WoL a bit easier.


  bennyhillslovechild 21:02 26 Feb 2007

I would agree it's either a wake on lan or wake on ring issue. I've had this happen on a couple of PCs. If you go into you BIOS, you should find an option for wake on ring/lan in can then chose to disable them, then exit and save changes.

  1887 21:23 06 Mar 2007


Ive done everything you told me to do bennyhill

But its still doing it.

Ive recently moved house and had NTL reinstalled altered all my settings and yet its still switching on 5 minutes or so after me switching it off.

Scary :)

  Ben 216 23:05 08 Mar 2007

So Wake-on-LAN/ring is now disabled in the BIOS? And the problems still happening, and it's happening with two PC's?

Do you shut your PC's down fully or put them in standby/suspend?

It can only be some software installed on both pc's. Can you remember what you installed before it started happening? If not then making a list of everything you've installed on both PC's might be a good place to start. Also check scheduled tasks: Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> Scheduled Tasks


  phono 23:34 08 Mar 2007

If the PCs are shut down I doubt if it could be a software issue.

As the "Wake-on-LAN/ring" options have been discussed, what about the fact that some BIOS' have a facility, like an alarm clock, whereby a time and/or date can be set to switch a PC on?

Another possibility would be the BIOS setting option to have a PC power itself on again after an interruption to the power supply, is the power socket controlled by a timer by any chance?

  €dstowe 06:28 09 Mar 2007

A certain was of ensuring the computer doesn't switch itself on unexpectedly is to remove the mains plug or switch the mains supply off.

  Ben 216 02:29 10 Mar 2007

That's why I asked if they were left in standby... good point on BIOS alarm though, I hadn't thought of that.

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