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  salsatraducoes 11:16 27 Oct 2009

Dear forum users,

I need a piece of advise regarding 1 issue:

I'm a translator and I would like to hire a remote assistant/secretary to help me with administrative issues. My question is: how can he/she insert data on my management program (I still don’t have) if I only install it on my computer?

I see 3 ways:

- Find an online management solution- it would do the trick, but I would have to pay a monthly fee… I'd rather pay more and have a definitive program.

- Buy 2 licenses and see if it’s possible to export/import the data base from his PC to mine on a weekly basis.

- See if it’s possible for him to access remotely my PC and use my program.

Regarding this last point I know that it’s possible to define which folders can be remotely accessed, so I can block my private folders, but is it possible for me to be working here, while he is using that management program? I mean, doesn’t the use of mouse/keyboard from his side interrupt it from my side?
What would you do on this case?

Your suggestions are highly appreciated!

Thank you,

  Forum Editor 22:56 29 Oct 2009

we'll need to know what you mean when you refer to a 'Management program' - what exactly is this program going to be for?

  salsatraducoes 23:00 29 Oct 2009

Thank you for your reply!

You're right. I'm a freelance translator - I also outsource projects and this program would be a nice example of what I would like to buy:

click here

There is also 1 online option (I don't have the company name here at the moment), but the features are these, so you have an idea.

Thank you!

  Forum Editor 23:01 04 Nov 2009

that your needs could be met by one of many collaborative working applications. It doesn't look as if you need something specifically tailored to translation agencies.

If you click here you'll see a good example of software that enables collaborative working in quite a sophisticated way between people who are geographically dispersed.

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